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Is Ikaad Scam or Legit {July 2022} Read Website Reviews!

Read this article in a detailed manner because here you will get the answer Is Ikaad Scam or Legit.

Do you love to use newly developed products? Want to purchase products where you will get various information? Searching for portals where you will get attractive discounts, and you found Ikaad? Before you purchase, do you want to know details about Ikaad?

Ikaad has started its operation in various parts of the United States. They have been selling various products, but people demand an authentic website review to know Is Ikaad Scam or LegitViewers need to read this article without skipping a line to get this answer.

Legitimacy factor of Ikaad:

We all came to know that there are a few factors that Ikaad follows to run its website. To find out the authenticity of Ikaad, we need to follow those essential factors. 

Because many fraudsters now focus on using fake domains, it will help them do scams easily. Important factors that we need to know about Ikaad are as follows:

  • Ikaad has been active since 12th July 2-0-2-2, and it does not even complete a month of an online presence.
  • We do not get any information related to the Ikaad Reviews that the customers have given.
  • Hence, we have to check the trust score. They only get a score of a single percent, which is pathetic for Ikaad.
  • Though the trust score of Ikaad is very low, we have also looked for the Alexa ranking, and we do not get any ranking of Alexa for Ikaad.
  • The trust index score of Ikaad has achieved 10 percent, which raises a question for Ikaad.
  • It is obvious that we checked for the plagiarism issue, but we do not get any content plagiarism. Those contents are hundred percent unique.
  • Social media icons have been posted properly, but icons have all broken links. Hence it creates a question Is Ikaad Scam or Legit?
  • Our team has not found owner information. Hence, we do not know anything about the owner.
  • Customers who are thinking about connecting with the team of Ikaad can easily do it by sending them mail.
  • The domain of Ikaad will expire on 7th July 2023.

What is Ikaad?

Ikaad is a platform aiming to sell various products to its customers. Though they are new, they are trying to provide attractive discounts to connect with more buyers. But few buyers want to know details because they are raising various questions, among them a popular question Is Ikaad Scam or Legit?

Specification of Ikaad:

  • Ikaad has recently gotten its domain registration as ikaad.com.
  • URL Link has been available, and any customers can easily visit their official page by tapping here https://ikaad.com.
  • Ikaad has promised to deliver any products within 5 to 8 days to the customers’ doorstep.
  • Return can only be accepted when the customer starts processing for return within 30 days.
  • Customers can send emails to the team or the Ikaad at support@unitylovebotique.com. No contact details have been uploaded.
  • We found various payment options like PayPal, Amex, Mastercard, etc., available.

Advantages and disadvantages will answer Is Ikaad Scam or Legit?

Advantages of Ikaad:

  • Ikaad has developed a good return policy of 30 days, which will be a good sign for the team of Ikaad.
  • The developer group of Ikaad has already implemented certifications.
  • The delivery policy that Ikaad follows will be impressive for the customer.
  • Payment options will help customers to purchase headaches freely.

Disadvantages of Ikaad:

  • Social media icons are available, but all icons have broken links.
  • Ikaad needs to be optimized more to enhance customer experience.
  • The team of Ikaad has not uploaded the contact number.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages we found about the portal Ikaad.

Ikaad Reviews:

Ikaad started its operation less than a month ago. That is why we do not get any reviews from the customers, though they do not have working social media. 

We took help from popular portals, and they told viewers to stay away from Ikaad. Before you proceed, click here and learn some new things about PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

As per the research on the web, Ikaad has not provided important details, and the trust score that they achieve is poor to trust them. The popular portal has suggested interested customers look for some authentic websites.

So, what are you started to think about this portal? Is Ikaad Scam or Legit? Share your observations in our comment box now. Meanwhile, click here to learn some new facts about the Credit Card scam.

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