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Is it Worth Paying a Matchmaker to Make Happy?

If you browse the Internet, you can notice that there are many matchmakers and matchmaking services online. They pop up every day and make us wonder, who they, actually are, and why they can help us build our private lives. Let’s find out all the answers to your possible questions about the matchmaking industry, as well as recommendations, in a current review:

Matchmaker…. What is this profession?

A matchmaker can be of two types — a certified matchmaker and the one who pronounced him or herself to be one. Naturally, you should use the help of a certified matchmaker who can guarantee that he or she has the necessary education, qualification, and knowledge.

For example, https://www.1matching.com is a matchmaking service that has only professional and certified matchmakers in its team. Their matchmakers do the following:

  • Provide a detailed consultation with each customer to get to know his or her personality, goals, and past experiences;
  • Arrange one-on-one sessions with a certified dating psychologist and a relationship expert;
  • Lead you from A to Z in your search and dates;
  • Give you feedback on each of your personal dates.

By the way, a matchmaker cannot be your personal friend and does not have to tell you something you like but just give you an honest opinion.  

Can it be legitimate?

Yes, matchmakers and matchmaking services can be legitimate and there are a lot of officially registered matchmakers. Therefore, it is recommended to choose exactly the website or service that is fully legit and has a factual address.

For example, the matchmaker website https://best-matchmaking.com/ is an officially registered and paying taxes company that connects not only people from the USA but men from all over the world with women from different Slavic countries.

They provide the help of a professional matchmaker, along with a psychologist who can guide you through your dating process so it would be successful.

How to avoid scams?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake matchmakers who promise a lot and cost a fortune. To avoid scams in this matchmaking industry, it is necessary to:

  • Pick a legit matchmaker;
  • Check their terms and conditions in advance;
  • Sign a contract with your matchmaker;
  • Check users’ reviews and testimonials.

The two above-mentioned websites have enough testimonials (successful cases), reviews, and video reviews from women and men from different countries. It means that the matchmakers do not simply pretend to work for over 10 years but can prove that their work brings 100% results.

To avoid scams when hiring your matchmaker, it is recommended to check not only the Terms and Conditions but also the Anti-scam policy of a particular website. Matchmakers who do not have a decent website even should be avoided by all means.

It is also great to have a one-on-one video consultation with your matchmaker. You must know who is behind the website and all advertisements, whether this person really exists, and whether it is the same person who is claimed on the website. Checking customer support or factual contact options would be also very helpful.

What is Matchmaker’s role in modern society?

Modern people are too busy with their careers and businesses and quite often, they have no time for personal lives. This is sad but there is a way for such people to build a healthy and happy relationship still.

A matchmaker is someone who helps you find the right person, arrange your real dates, or even helps you figure out why exactly you had problems with building your relationships before. Do not expect though that a matchmaker is a wizard who will do everything instead of you.

A true modern matchmaker can guide you in the right direction, understand who and what you are, select proper matches for you, and give you some tips that will really help you in the dating process. However, a matchmaker cannot do everything for you if you personally are not ready for it or do not want it.

For that reason, the matchmakers from the above-mentioned legitimate services provide psychological sessions for people who are not sure of their goals and fears. They also do not accept everyone who applied to them. First of all, you should qualify, i.e. be willing to have a serious and long-lasting relationship.

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