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Is Jamsonn Store Scam Or Legit {May} Read Reviews

This article provides details about the shopping website and its specification to understand Is Jamsonn Store Scam or Legit. Follow our blog to know more.      

Do you wish to shop you daily essentials from online store? Are you aware of the shopping portal that features all your essentials? If not, this web portal is what you nee to go through. The website was introduced in the United States.

Today in this article, we will provide all the details about the web portal and its specifications to know Is Jamsonn Store Scam or Legit. Follow our article to know more.   

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Can Jamsonn.store be a trustable web portal?

The customer needs to check the details present about the products and the shopping webpage and confirm its credibility before ordering any products. The stated below details will allow to know the authenticity of the webpage:

  • The introduction of webpage: The webpage was developed on 01/03/2023.   
  • Official location of company: Meledo company Limited372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC 1B SHJ, United Kingdom is the location of the webpage.
  • Global Alexa rank: The Global ranking on Alexa of the web portal is #4,27,092.
  • Account on Email: service@support24h.store
  • Valid Email address: Under Jamsonn, Store Reviews the email Id present in their webpage is valid.
  • Trust Rank: The Trust rating of the web portal is average, around 42.7%.
  • Duplicate content rate: The web portal has 33% content copied from other websites.    
  • Account on Social platform: The web portal is not present on social media.

What is Jamsonn.store?

 The web-based shopping website is known for selling all the essentials. The portal has a vast collection of different categories of products including super bike horn, folding clothes rack, stainless steel cake slicer, Kitchen Sink Aerator solid brass, cookies rolling pin, Car interior led lights, car fabric cleaning agent, Multipurpose turbo whistle, art and crafts and lot more. The quality of all its products is amazing. Furthermore, the customer should note Is Jamsonn Store Scam or Legit before shopping something.

Specifications of Jamsonn.store:

  • The URL of web portal Jamsonn.store
  • The existence of web portal– The webpage was developed on 01/03/2023.            
  • The web portal lapse date– The lapse date of the website is 01/03/2024.
  • Number to call- 442086385417 is the number to contact the company.
  • Company address– Meledo company Limited372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC 1B SHJ, United Kingdom is the location of the webpage.      
  • Social platform presence– The web portal is not present on social media. 
  • Time taken for delivery- It delivers the order within 10-20 days. 
  • Owner name- The owner’s name is not mentioned on its webpage to know Is Jamsonn Store Scam or Legit.    
  • Free Delivery: There isn’t any information mentioned about free delivery service.
  • Order Return: It allows 30 days return policy on its orders.
  • Refund on order– There are no details about refund service.
  • Order Exchange policy– No information about exchange service is mentioned. 
  • Return fees– It does not charge any return shipping fees.
  • Rate of Discount – No details about discount are mentioned.
  • Order cancelling service- Customer can cancel the order within 12 hours of delivery.  
  • Payment mode: Master Card, PayPal, Visa, American Express, etc.

Benefits to understanding Is Jamsonn Store Scam or Legit:

  • It has shared its company address which is necessary for online shopping portal.
  • It has provided its email Id for better customer service.
  • It has given various method for making payment.
  • It has shared its phone number for customer service.
  • It allows return service on its orders.
  • It does not charge any return shipping fees from customer.
  • It allows cancellation on order.

Drawbacks of Jamsonn.store:

  • It does not provide any free delivery service.
  • It is not available on social platforms.
  • It has not mentioned any exchange service.
  • It has not mentioned the name of its owner. 

Jamsonn Store Reviews:

There are no reviews from customer on its website for its products. The Web portal has an Alexa rank of around #4,27,092. Moreover, there are no reviews on online websites and social webpages. Here buyer needs to follow- Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed

Summing Up:

The web portal does not have any experience in online selling. There aren’t any buyers for its products. The web portal has an average Trust rating. There aren’t any reviews on online platform s and social websites. The webpage is doubtful and buyers needs to remain careful from these websites. Whereas customer needs to also follow-Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam

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Is Jamsonn Store Scam or Legit: FAQ-

Q1. When was Jamsonn.store introduced?

 Answer: 01/03/2023

Q2. What is Jamsonn.store lapse date? 

Answer: 01/03/2024

Q3. What is the Jamsonn.store global Alexa Ranking? 

Answer: #4,27,092. 

Q4. What items does Jamsonn.store sells?

Answer: Essentials

Q5. What is Jamsonn.store trust ranking?

Answer: 42.7%. 

Q6. What is Jamsonn.store return timing?

Answer: 30 days

Q7. How much time gap does Jamsonn.store take for order shipping?

Answer:  10-20 days 

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