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Is Laughbuyer.com Legit {Sep} Review For Right Decision

Is Laughbuyer.com Legit {Sep} Review For Right Decision -> This review will give details about a webstore selling pets and fashion products.

Have you thought of buying pets or any fashion product online recently? We came across a webstore selling such products and pets online; Laughbuyer.com is on the web for a year. Due to the growing pandemic, people are buying even pets online, and hence such websites are coming over. However, we cannot rely on them with closed eyes, and should know, Is Laughbuyer.com Legit or a scam? That is crucial due to the running scams worldwide.

This post will tell you about a webstore selling pets online, and it sells some other products related to the covid-19 pandemic. The website is from the United States and was set-up only a year back. You should know about the legitimacy of the store and then only start your shopping spree. It will help you protect your hard-earned money and vital details from being scammed.

Is Laughbuyer.com Legit?

The webstore got launched only a year back, and it sells pets and other products. It has a low trust score, in fact, zero, as was checked by scam-check sites. The owner details are also missing, and the website has certain elements that are like scam sites. On searching for Laughbuyer.com Reviews on the web, but there were no reviews available. There is no association with social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. That makes it highly unknown.

The website has links available with fraud countries that are known for corruption and scam. Such associations make the website illegitimate and can be a potential scam. There are no reviews available on popular review sites like Trust Pilot and make it an unreliable website. You should know, Is Laughbuyer.com Legit or not; hence, we suggest you read this entire post for judging it correctly.

Know about Laughbuyer.com

The website sells fashion products, shoes, and pets like puppies and kittens online. It also has products like masks, nebulizers, and thermometers. The prices are too low, and they offer free shipping worldwide on orders above $30. The delivery time is around seven days, and returns are accepted within 30 days.

The address for the United States office is not available anywhere on the site. However, a telephone number and email address are available for the buyers. The payment method available is only PayPal.

Specifications of Laughbuyer.com

  • Website type – Online seller of shoes and fashion products
  • Website Country – United States
  • Shipping charge – No charge above $30
  • Returns – Within 30 days are acceptable
  • Office address – Not available
  • Phone – 1 877 253 4927
  • Email ID – philippagarisson1297@kokoerp.com
  • Payments – By PayPal
  • Social media – Not available

Worthy Points of Laughbuyer.com

  • The webstore sells a range of products available.
  • The shipping is cost-free above $30

Worthless Points of Laughbuyer.com

  • The website is a year old, has no reviews or feedback available. Making people doubt it and ask, Is Laughbuyer.com Legit or not?
  • The mailing or contact address is not available for the customers.
  • There are no links available with social media platforms.
  • A low trust score is available for the site.

What Customers talk about Laughbuyer.com?

People talk about good webstore only when they find worthy products and services. Hence, we checked for Laughbuyer.com Reviews but could discover no feedback anywhere. A webstore from around a year still has no input available, which may be due to nil customer strength. That is a big flaw on its part and makes it an untrustworthy webstore.

We did not find any review on any leading site like WOT or social media platforms. The website is highly unpopular among users and online shoppers. It cannot be relied upon by the people for buying fashion products or the pets they sell. That is due to the absence of any good thing about the e-store anywhere online. People therefore doubt, and ask, Is Laughbuyer.com Legit or a scam? We find it an unreliable site and hence a possible threat to buyer privacy.

The Final Theory

If we analyze the pros and cons of the webstore that sells pets and fashion items, we can conclude that it is not trustworthy. The owner has not given all details required by a customer to trust a webstore. Also, it has links with fraud nations that make it more threatening for the users. People do not rely or shop on such sites with hidden information, so no reviews are available.

We advise the users to avoid such possible scam sites and protect their money and essential details.

0 thoughts on “Is Laughbuyer.com Legit {Sep} Review For Right Decision

  1. I ordered the pug August 8th and haven’t received anything yet. Now the site is down and the number is disconnected. What do I do?

    1. They sent me puppy ….lol. oh my `it was like 2.00 toy you wood get at dollor store ..well that was the poodle, i havent recieved it yet . I spent 28..00 for each one .they should not be allowed to scam people like that .

  2. I ordered 5 Yorkies I have not received them. I did not get a tracking number. They are still selling them on line. I can not contract any one.

  3. Kathryn Barlow,I bought the Chowchow Sept 4 2020 haven’t received the dog and its Oct 13 2020. There’s no way I can contact. What can I do?

  4. I order,but recieve a small stuff animal. They refuse to refund my money but suppose to give me a pecent off on my next purchase.fighting with them for 2 months now. Wont give me an address or catalog to look at,but want me to order. answers email and that is it.

  5. The company LAUGHBUYER IS FAKE. A very interesting name if you break it down … who is laughing the buyer or the business owner ??? The company and its products are FAKE! I purchased 5 PCES Realistic Yorkie Dog x 1 and a Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky x 1 … all up the purchase came to $50.97 USD which equates to $67.44. I am not impressed! …I now have 3 worthless items and one is only 3 inches tall … can’t even give them to the kids nextdoor. This company needs to be shut down. The likes of PayPal etc need to check out some of these business organisations because they cause stress to the customer and waste a lot of time communicating with PayPal wanting to retrieve my money. STRONGLY RECOMMEND ,,, CHECK THE COMPANY FIRST OR DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

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