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Is Logerar Robot Legit (Nov 2020) Reviews for Clarity.

Is Logerar Robot Legit (Nov 2020) Reviews for Clarity. >>We will be providing you details about an online shopping website which deals with robots, lamps, etc.

Do you also love to buy creative and innovative products like robots, colorful lamps, lights, and many other items? We will be uncovering information about a website that will provide you many innovative and creative products at a significant discount. You will be reading about Logerar Robot Reviews and whether it Is Logerar Robot Legit?

Logerar.com is a company in the United States and the United Kingdom. In these challenging times of the pandemic, many people have started these online marketing or business types. So it has become difficult for the customers to decide which website can be trusted and a scam.

If you read this article about Logerar Robot Reviews, you will get all the details of this online store which you are searching for. Also, we will give you the answer to Is Logerar Robot Legit?

Is Logerar Robot Legit?

Since this is a new site, you will not get enough details of this website and be confused by Is Logerar Robot Legit?

When we searched for the contact details of this website, we found that there is a mobile number available for customer care. There is only a mail id given, which also looks fake. So many people have registered complaints against this website for no customer support available.

If you wish to return an item purchased from here, you will be responsible for any other charges like the shipping for returning and other taxes you paid. You will only be refunded the item’s actual price and no other charges that were applied for shipping.

The refund will only be provided to you if the product has successfully reached the destination, and the department has approved it. Once they processed the amount to your bank account, they will take no responsibility after that. If you have not received the money back, then you have to talk to your bank.

You will also not find Logerar Robot Reviews on the site, which can also be because of less traffic on the site. 

So Is Logerar Robot Legit? It’s hard to recommend this website for shopping.

What is Logerar Robot.com?

Logerar Robot.com is an online marketing store in the United Kingdom and the United States, providing many creative and innovative products at reasonable rates. You will find all the products on this website related to decorative items and creative robots.

They are working with highly professional suppliers and workers working 24/7 to provide you with the best quality products. If you are not satisfied with the products available on-site, you can send the type of product you want to the company, and then they will customize the item as you wish.

You can order the product from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are, because the website supports the delivery of orders all over the world.

 Also, if you want to return any product, you can do the process within 14 days, and you will be provided a full refund of your product.

The website specifications are available below.

Specifications of Logerar Robot:

  • Website type: online shopping website.
  • Type of products available on this website: robots, lights, colorful lamps.
  • Mobile number of customer care: not available.
  • Mail id: xiayupro@xiayupro.com.
  • Shipping time: shipping time will depend on the type of delivery method you selected.
  • Shipping charges: different charges for different countries.
  • Company address: England.
  • Return time: you can return the product in 14 days of the delivery with valid id proof.
  • Refund time: the refund will be added to the original payment method once it has been approved.
  • Payment methods: Visa, Debit card, Credit card, Pay pal.

Pros of Logerar Robot:

  • The website supports the delivery of their products all over the world.
  • You can avail a discount of up to 50% on this website.
  • The refund of the returned item will be added to your original payment method.

Cons of Logerar Robot:

  • The maid id of customer care is not working.
  • You will be responsible for returning the item to the desired place.
  • The shipping cost is very high.

Customer Reviews of Logerar Robot:

One of the alarming signs of this website is that there no customer reviews found there. You have a search for them on the internet. Usually, the reviews are available on the site itself.

Final Verdict:

We have given you the answer to your question Is Logerar Robot Legit? And now you can decide if you won’t use this website or not.

But we recommend that you should stay away from this website.

0 thoughts on “Is Logerar Robot Legit (Nov 2020) Reviews for Clarity.

  1. I purchased a Robot buy 1 get second free with upgraded battery supply but have only received one. I contacted Logerar by email, they replied , then took down their website and now all you get is a error 404. It seems the Robot I did receive is a cheap knock off.

  2. I ordered a buy one robot get two from this website and only recieved one and two rubbish looking plastic tiny useless toys?? No idea why wish I’d seen this website before

  3. I ordered buy 1 get 2 free. I did think this was too good to be true. I read the comments which were all positive and I purchased expecting 3 robots. I received one which does hardly anything except dance go forward and backward. I received a plastic fish and a plastic mermaid which lights up. I feel scammed

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