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Is Matecamer Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Is Matecamer Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> In this article, we see the details about the site and the gaming consoles it sells.

Are you tired of going out shopping? Now enjoy shopping apparel of your choice at Matecamer. Its not just an online shopping site for fashionable outfits but also has a broad range of products from multiple categories.

Online surfers might think of “Is Matecamer Legit?” We will gauge the answer to this question in this article.

Matecamer Reviews show that the brand is operating and doing well in the United States. It ensures minimum order processing time and also shares adequate information on multiple policies such as privacy policy, terms of service, shipping information.

Let us quickly run you through the website’s features, products offered, social presence, customer feedback and pros & cons of shopping before investigating for its genuineness.

Is Matecamer a Legit website?

Interacting with a fraudulent website can lead you to be trapped in an online scam. You can avoid being a victim of fake sites by spotting red flags of the domain. Our team strives to perform an in-depth investigation on such domains so that you don’t lose your hard-earned money to fraudsters.

The article will follow some quick tips to run a quick scan on the domain to verify its integrity to educate and arm you with trustworthy information.

The Matecamer website is only 12 days old, dealing in women’s apparel like top & bottoms, dresses, accessories along with products from many other categories. The ecommerce website ships the items internationally to Asian, European and many other countries.

What is Matecamer?

It is an online dealer selling a wide range of products belonging to different categories at unbelievable pocket-friendly prices. The prominence of contact information facilitates its users to seek assistance quickly via email or phone number.

The website is a newcome in the online business and has laid sufficient knowledge on product returns, shipping, delivery and refund policy. 

Specifications of Matecamer:

  • Product: Women’s apparel, accessories, Car protection gears and so on.
  • Website:https://matecamer.site/
  • Email: BettyOHosey@outlook.com
  • Parent Company: Matecamer
  • Address: 4771 Calico Drive, Spokane, WA 99202, United States
  • Contact number: 509-644-3793
  • Shipping fee: Not Mentioned
  • Shipping time: Within one business day between Monday-Friday
  • International Shipping Available: in multiple countries
  • Delivery time: Within 8-16 business days
  • Order Cancellation: Within the first 12 hours of order placed
  • Replacement: Accepts 
  • Returns: Within 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Refunds: Processed asap  
  • Return/replacement email: services@mateclubs.com
  • Mode of Payment- Through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard & Western Union

Pros of buying from Matecamer:

  • Presence of product returns, shipping and delivery.
  • A detailed Privacy Policy present
  • Brand contact email id: BettyOHosey@outlook.com
  • A descriptive “FAQs” page present. 
  • Accepts payment through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard & Western Union

Cons of buying from Matecamer:

  • The web domain is 13 days old
  • Zero social media presence
  • No customer review found
  • Missing “About Us” page 

Customer feedback on Matecamer:

The website has fully populated with contact information enabling the users and potential buyers to access its customer service team. Detailed product information helps the visitors to calculate the benefits of the products quickly. 

Presence of sufficient information on returns, refund, shipping and delivery represents a streamlined and polished operating process of the shopping site. 

While on the other front, the online business is only 12 days old and is too new to build trust scores amongst its audiences. The webshop doesn’t hold an SSL certificate which implicates that users’ information are prone to be exposed, manipulated and stolen by the scammers. 

The brand is found to be completely inactive on social platforms, indicating a clear signal to walk away. And missing customer reviews extend a feeling of distrust across the audience.

Final Verdict:

The website was hosted on June ’20 and just 12 days old, thus will leave you at a disadvantage. Another challenge to establish a trust is brand inactiveness on social media platforms indicating no brand awareness and negligible conversion rate.

Note: A critical factor that can lure potential shoppers into interacting with the shopping site is the presence of positive customer testimonials, and therefore, no customer reviews will lend a hand in warning you before shopping through the platform.

The investigation reports also debugged that the website is not at all safe due to an open internet connection. Hence, we would suggest our audience to be wary of shopping from this site and avoid being influenced by the attractive offers prevailing on it.

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