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Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama (Oct) Answered!

In this post, you will know Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama? Please check all the details here.

If you watch anime or not, you most likely know about Naruto as it is one of the most famous anime characters. Naruto is the most powerful Hokage of the leaf village with his companion who lives inside him, the nine-tailed fox. 

In the Boruto series, Naruto has lost his companion, and fans from the Philippines, the United States and many other countries are wondering if he is still that powerful? This post will discuss how powerful Naruto is without the nine-tailed fox and how he lost him. 

Let us know more about Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama?

How Naruto Lost the Nine-Tailed Fox?

Before moving forward, let us know how he lost his companion. If you know Kurama from the Naruto series, you might think of him as an evil beast, but in Naruto Shippuden, the war and Naruto changed his nature. 

So, in the Boruto series, Naruto fought against a powerful opponent Isshiki to protect his village. Unfortunately, Naruto lost his power (chakra) in the fight, and Kurama gave him what he had left off, which cost him his life. 

Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama?

Here are some of the points that will give you a brief idea about the power of Naruto after losing his companion, the nine-tailed fox:

  • Immense Chakra – Being the reincarnation of Ashura and also a member of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto has immense chakra. 
  • Sage Mode – You might have forgotten that Naruto is the perfect sage. Fukasaku trained him at mount Myoboku, and he learned the sage mode in a short amount of time, after which he defeated pain. 
  • Sage of Six Path Mode – Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama? Maybe no, but he can still use the sage of six path mode without Kurama. 
  • Chakra of Tailed Beasts – Naruto received chakra of almost all tailed beasts except Shukaku and Gyubi, which makes him different from other ninjas. 
  • Frog Fu – Naruto still has the art of fighting on the Frog style of senjutsu. This art gives him more flexibility, speed, and reflexes.
  • Great Senses due to Sage Mode – Naruto has greater senses even than the byakugan users in the sage mode. An example of which you can see is when Naruto could sense the whole war on the turtle island.

There are many other abilities Naruto has which are not mentioned here. So, the answer to the question Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama is Naruto is still the most powerful Hokage of the leaf village, and only opponents with incredible special powers can take him down like Sasuke Uchiha.

The Final Verdict 

Many Naruto fans do not take the Boruto series anywhere close to the Naruto series, but our hero Naruto is still the leader in that, and you definitely give it a watch. Check out here to know more about the Naruto

What is your opinion on Naruto’s powers without Kurama? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama post to inform others.

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