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Is Neatya Scam or Legit {Oct 2022} Read True Reviews!

This post on Is Neatya Scam or Legit explains the site’s trustworthiness and its products and technical aspects.

Do you want to know about the newest brands in the market? Are you keeping up with the latest trends? If you need to know the new styles and guides, there has been a new site in the market. The site has made stirs in the United States and is becoming popular daily. The site offers clothes and other accessories for all age groups. 

To know about Is Neatya Scam or Legit, please read further. 

Is the site legitimate? 

In this ever-changing world, it becomes complicated to know whether or not a site is safe and secure to use. There have been many online scams in recent times. This is because there is no accountability in the online platform. Neatya has products at different prices, and variety is provided on the site. The Neatya site is also on the online platform; thus, it becomes challenging to know the truth about it. To know about its security, please read further.

Neatya Reviews will elucidate the viability of the site. 

  • Website registration: The website was registered on 25 May 2022. The registration is very recent, so it is difficult to trust the domain.
  • Registrar: The domain is registered under the name NameCheap, Inc., neatya.com
  • Trust Factor: The site has a trust factor of 1%. This shows how low the trust factor is and how insecure it is to use the site. 
  • Buyer’s Reviews: There have been no reviews provided on the leading site; there are some reviews on the other sites, but they also are very minimal. 
  • Social Accounts: As per Is Neatya Scam or Legit, there are no social accounts on the site, thus affecting the site’s customer base. 
  • Customer Policies: The customer policies have been allocated in the relevant section of the site. The responsibilities and duties of the customers are mentioned. 
  • Misplaced Information: The information about the owner’s name has not been mentioned on the site. The address, phone number and email id have been provided. 
  • Data security: The site enables the HTTPS protocol. This does not mean that the site is secure, but the understanding that protocol is enabled is proper. 

Brief as per Is Neatya Scam or Legit

The Neatya site is in place to get in contact with all the famous brands and trends. There are other products, too, that help establish the site’s credibility. The products cannot be considered cheap but are worth investing money in terms of quality. The products that the site contains are as follows- 

  • Plus-size tops 
  • Bottoms 
  • Dresses 
  • Kids 
  • Building toys 
  • Garden supplies 
  • Gardening and Lawn care products. 

Features of the Neatya site

  • Buy a grey plus size cam sleeve striped tee from https://www.neatya.com.
  • Email Address: neatyas@outlook.com 
  • Company’s Address Info: 8 2nd St ,Bristol,Connecticut,06010,US
  • Phone Number: +12513401338
  • Per Is Neatya Scam or Legit, there have not been any reviews on the leading site, but other sites have provided both positive and negative reviews. 
  • Return Policy: The products have a 35-day return policy
  • Shipping Policy: All products are shipped within 1-3 days. 
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX

Positive Highlights 

  • There is free shipping after $50. 
  • Customer service is 24/7 
  • The site provides the newsletter for better brand understanding. 

Negative Highlights 

  • Presence on social media platforms is absent
  • The trust is 1%, which is very low 
  • The owner’s information is not provided. 

Neatya Reviews 

The email address, phone number and address details have been provided on the site. There have been reviews on other sites that have showcased both positive and negative reviews. The reviews have mentioned how the quality of the products is essential to the site while keeping in mind the ill-timed delivery of the products. However, we were unable to find any reviews on authoritative websites, which makes this website doubtful in the eyes of users. 

The Alexa rank for the site is deficient. This adds to the untrustworthiness of the site. You can acquire information about credit card fraudulence from the site. 

Final verdict 

The Is Neatya Scam or Legit provides information about the site’s viability. The site has been introduced recently and caters to a large audience. The site has ambivalent reviews and a low trust factor. It can be said that the site should be  used cautiously. The consumers can know about the scams about Paypal through this post. Check the link to more about online shopping 

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6 thoughts on “Is Neatya Scam or Legit {Oct 2022} Read True Reviews!

  1. I ordered a Lego set from neatya.com says the business is in Connecticut. But the email I received said I would get it in 10-20 business days and the tracking number provided was a China #. About 20 days later I received a strange, small package that says it came from California. I opened it and it’s a small, black, cheap, kids belt. I pulled of the shipping label and saw a different label from China with the tracking number number I was originally provided. I emailed the company through the email they provided with my confirmation and a week later still haven’t heard back. I went on their website and found a phone number to call which is a non working number. I tried to email their address listed and it tells me there’s a problem and to try again later. Now I’m filing a dispute with my bank. This site is a scam.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing your experience and details about the company. It will be a helpful guide for other consumers to stay alert. We suggest you stay safe & alert from such catchy offers as they can be a scam. Thanks & Regards.

    2. I am having the same issue. The number on the website is disconnected and their email address doesn’t work either. Pretty sure I got scammed.

      1. Hi Michael! Our research also says that this website is a scamming portal. Therefore, we always guide our readers to check all the essential legitimacy points and reviews before investing. Stay alert & be safe.

  2. I had the same experience. ordered a skeleton decoration and received a belt that no one in my family ordered. This is a fake site. do not order from here.

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