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Is Neolastin Legit (Nov 2021) Check Authentic Reviews!

The blog helps the readers find out the details regarding the authenticity of Is Neolastin Legit or not, which sells a wide range of skincare products.

Skincare is the utmost care we all opt for, and the demand for skincare products is quite high. Therefore all of us try to find out the best skincare brands and online portals.

One such online shopping site that offers skincare products is Neolastin.com, and as this website looks quite attractive and authentic, the people of the United States want to find out Is Neolastin Legit or not before shopping.

Keep reading because here we will share the details about the legitimacy of this online shopping site.

Is Neolastin.com legit or not?

  • Domain Age-The domain age for this website is quite old as it was registered on 08/08/18.
  •  Trust score –The website has got a trust score of 86%.
  • Alexa rank- Its Alexa ranking is quite low.
  • Plagiarism content- The content on this website is plagiarised.
  • Policies- The policies are mentioned on this website.
  • Address’s originality- The contact address provided is misleading.
  • Social media Icons $ connection- Social media icons present on this website are authentic.
  • Owner’s Information- The owner’s details are not mentioned on this website.
  • Neolastin Reviews– Customer feedbacks are available within this website and on its social media platform too.
  • Unrealistic Discounts- No huge discounts as such are available for now.

So, from the overall details, the website seems to be dubious because of its low social media presence. Hence, the customers can research before investing their money in this website.

What is Neolastin.com?

The Neolastin website is an online shopping portal that offers a wide range of Skincare products. The products which are available on this website are listed as follows:-

  • Face creams
  • Eye cream
  • Skincare tools
  • Restore Beauty tools

Hence the site looks quite alluring, so the buyers should find out Is Neolastin Legit or not before getting into the trap of such good-to-be true websites; apart from the above-specified products, the website deals with wide collections of beauty products.

Specifications of Neolastin website:-

  • Domain name- The domain got registered on 08/08/18, which is quite old.
  • URL-The link for this website is   https://www.neolastin.com.
  • Category- The Neolastin site sells only skincare-based products.
  • Email- The email address mentioned for this website is hello@neolastin.com.
  • Address- The contact address provided is 307 E. Mc Bee Avenue #D Greenville, SC 29601, which is fake.
  • Contact no- Contact no. is not present on this website.
  • Payment Modes- The customers can receive better clarity on Is Neolastin Legit or not by going through the payment modes. The payment methods mentioned are Shopay, Amazon pay, PayPal, and Gray.
  • Return Policy- A 30-day return policy is sated after the customer has received the products.
  • Refund Policy-The refunds can take up to 15 business days.
  • Exchange Policy-The exchange policy is also stated to be 30 days.
  • Shipping Policy- Shipping policy is mentioned to be 2 business days.
  • Delivery Policy- No exact time for delivery of the product is stated.
  •  Social Media Presence- The social media presence for this website is quite low as it has got fewer followers on its social media platforms. 

Some pros for this website:-

To find out the authenticity of Neolastin Reviewsthe buyers should come across the pros and cons of this website. They are as follows:-

  • The website claims to sell some dermatologically tested skin care products.
  • The website offers a 10% discount on signing up for this website.
  • The product details are well specified with all the ingredients mentioned on this website.

Some drawbacks of this website:-

The drawbacks for this website are:-

  • The exact time for the delivery of products is not updated on the website.
  • After searching on the map, the contact address leads to a restaurant, which denotes its fake contact details.
  • No contact number is provided on this website.

Customer Reviews on Is Neolastin Legit

Very few websites have got customer reviews present within it or for it. Fortunately, this website has got customer feedbacks available both within it and for it. All of the customer reviews present within this website for various products are positive hence we cannot completely rely on those. 

Therefore we have searched for genuine reviews on some reliable websites, and we have found very few reviews on its Facebook platform, which makes the website too suspicious for the buyers. Also, the website has got very few followers on social media platforms as well. The customer can also learn How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed.


The entire blog is written to find Is Neolastin Legit or not. Overall this Skincare product-based online shopping store looks dubious, and we recommend you conduct a deep research before buying any products from this website. Also, the customers who have faced a scam can know how to Get Your Money-Back From Scammers over here.

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