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Is Nshss Legit {Jan 2021} Check For Scholarship Program!

Is Nshss Legit {Jan 2021} Check For Scholarship Program! >> The article is for providing details about a well-known organization, along with its legitimacy.

Are you seeking a Scholarship program? Are you willing to get a scholarship for further studies? Is Nshss Legit?

The scholarship is the perfect way to make you financially strong for worry-free higher studies. The scholarship has become essential as the cost of higher studies is rising day by day.

National Society of High School Scholars organization is providing scholarships among the students in the United States. However, Folks are buzzing around and discussing its worthiness online.

Let us reveal the real facts behind this matter.

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About NSHSS:

National Society of High School Scholars or NSHSS is a renowned academic society dedicated to identifying and assisting students with extraordinary literary achievement. It provides students 26000 plus high school options worldwide- around 170 countries.

Following Is Nshss Legit, since its foundation in 2002, NSHSS is committed to providing excellent resources to enrich individual scholars’ educational path. Aside from this organization’s mission is to honor each individual’s extraordinary achievement on the academic front. The membership criterion is mainly based only on academic performance.

Individuals’ membership is not dependent upon schools, but it is based on individual scholar’s performance. After become a member, NSHSS offers each scholar benefits that will extend even after high school and college. 

Since the membership is valid for a particular student, if he/ she take a transfer or change their school, the NSHSS membership will remain valid. Regardless of the student’s location, everyone can avail of membership benefits once they have matched the eligibility criterion.

Following Is Nshss Legit, let’s check membership Criteria of NSHSS:

Individuals who match those below criteria will receive an invitation on NSHSS’s behalf. Participators should belong from high school and qualify anyone criterion that are amended below-

  • A student should get a 1280 SAT score or above that.
  • Score 1150 in PSAT or above.
  • Participators should obtain a 4 or higher score in any AP examination.
  • A student should achieve a top 10% rank in the entire class.
  • 4.5 Or 88% GPA or higher out of 5 or 100%.
  • The combined IB test score should be 36 or above.

The above-listed criterion is needed to be matched to qualify for membership in the National Society of High School Scholars.

Is Nshss Legit?

National Society of High School Scholars was established on 13th June 2002, mainly aiming to serve students with a tremendous academic achievement. 

As per information, people will get the lifetime membership after qualifying the above-amended criterion.

However, the membership has certain charges- 75$. Any qualifier student can obtain scholarships in various educational fields, like literature, Medicine, Visual Arts, and STEM. However, we found several mixed reviews where people were not sure if the scholarship program is worthy or not.

Hence it becomes tough to conclude anything so if thinking for NSHSS’s scholarship must research various sites for its legitimacy.


As discussed above, who are reading this article will get some real idea about ‘Is Nshss Legit‘ or not & NSHSS’s legitimacy. People in the United States if are willing to join NSHSS, you should check the student’s remarks before deciding.

We hope that this article is beneficial for you. Kindly share any additional points if you have.

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