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Is Ousykt Scam {August} Get Best Reviews Here!

Is Ousykt Scam {August} Get Best Reviews Here! -> The website we would be reviewing today is a multi-utility e-commerce store providing several different things.

Is it not the case with everyone that we all need new and trendy clothes every time? Are you also a person who searches for new dresses now and then.

Today, this article will be about a website offering a great and unique collection of several things and enabling us to know Is Ousykt Scam or legit?

As we all know, we try to gather all the things that we need from one place only as it eliminates our hustle to move to several areas and hunt for them in different stores. To promote this, this store has got all the collection of several needs in one place.

The website is based out in the United States. Let’s get further and know whether Ousykt Scam or not.

Can customers consider Ousykt Legit? 

Ousykt is a website selling pieces for the home, outdoor, clothing, and some other products. But, when we got on the website to find out about this, we found that the website has a collection of camera tools and other tools for different items. 

So, to know more about this, we researched our end and found some evidence that could make or break our opinion on it. We found that the website has portrayed copied information on the portal, i.e., the data is copied from many of the other websites found to be a scam. It seems right that Ousykt Scam.

Also, there were no positive reviews to be found regarding this website. The website has not got any reviews: Reviews of a website help us compile our thoughts and identify Is Ousykt Scam

We also found that the website is not very old and was recently introduced to the online market. The website is just two months and one day old as it was introduced on 2020-06-29.

The final point that would help us drive the answer is that the website has not mentioned any background information or the owners’ information.

Therefore, the answer to Is Ousykt Scam is Yes, this website is a scam.

What is Ousykt?

Ousykt is a website that is an excellent influence for people who want to buy everything in one place, i.e., people nowadays want to have and purchase all the materials from one site and do not want to go to several different places for that.

This website has got a collection of home, outdoor, and several other tools. The website has got several different things and a vast array of specific items.

 It includes camera kits, Thumb piano, Phone holder, multi-repairing tool kit, hairbrush, telescope, etc.

Specifications of Ousykt 

  • The website deals in different varieties of home, outdoor, and several tools.
  • E-mail id: service@ousykt.com
  • Return is acceptable within 45 days
  • Shipping of orders take 2-4 weeks
  • Free shipping over orders of $40
  • Address: Marul Company Limited Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, England, WC1H9BB
  • Payment modes accepted: PayPal, Credit & Debit Cards.

Pros of Ousykt

  • The website provides all things in one place
  • The collection is from several different things
  • It is said that the website deals in several products
  • Free delivery over the order of $40
  • 45 days return policy

Cons of Ousykt

  • The website does not have a vast collection
  • Phone number is missing on the website
  • The website is recently introduced to the market
  • The website has copied the content mentioned.
  • It was found that yes, Ousykt Scam.

What are customer reviews on the website?

While researching for the website, we found that the website has got several different products. But, it was discovered that the website had not got many reviews, and the reviews that it has got so far are all negative, and people are disappointed by their purchase from this website.

Final Verdict

After all the information we have collected, it’s time for us to give our final verdict on this website to decide the things and help people identify if they’ll choose it.

To find Is Ousykt Scam or not, we did our part of the research and found several pieces of information regarding the website.

The website uses copied information on their portal, i.e., it has copied the data from other sources and is not authentic. This is generally done in the case of fake or scam websites to attract customers.

Also, the website is just two months and 1-day old, which again is a factor that affects the website’s legitimacy.

The website has negative reviews for the delivery time and the products and has not mentioned much information regarding the company or the owner.

Thus, all this raises the red flags, and we would say that the website is a scam.

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