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Is Ownlucks Legit (Dec 2021) Read Authentic Reviews!

Is Ownlucks Legit? You can discover the details quickly by reading the writing as well as knowing its specifications, policies, reviews, and much more.

Christmas- the biggest festival of the year is knocking on our door. But, have you not decided yet what to give your loved ones as a Christmas gift? Then we would recommend checking this page.

Gifting stores are now selling online, several e-shops you can check by browsing. Ownlucks is one of the stores in the United States, which has been designated to display Christmas gift items at a minimal price range. However, Is Ownlucks Legit? Let’s do some check to make sure whether the site is safe for everyone or not-

Trustability checking of Ownlucks:   

Legitimacy is a very crucial checkpoint as there is no way that you can judge the products by seeing in person or touching them; else, you also can’t judge its service quality, policies, and other matters-

  • While checking its age, we noticed that Ownlucks was listed in the previous month, on 21st October 2021.
  • Till yet, the index rank is too low; Ownlucks gained only a 2% score.
  • The authorities did not reveal the location information.
  • Ownlucks Reviews are lacking.
  • The community platform’s icon is present but not valid.
  • Multiple modes for payment are present.
  • The site registration ID name is ‘ownlucks.com,’ and has been listed on one of the trusted domain server providers Godaddy.com LLC.
  • Most of its text has been copied or has similarities with others; only 15% of the content is unique.
  • Ownlucks is the main authority that runs the online retail business.

After thoroughly reviewing the site’s internal record, it’s clear that it’s a new store and a bit suspicious.

What is Ownlucks?

Ownlucks is a fashion retailer, which has gained popularity for its new Christmas gift collections in the United States. But, Is Ownlucks Legit? Well, as they specified, they are one of the professional fashion wear retailers; you can visit several windows given on the menu section to check their collections. The menu has been divided into- Best-Seller, New Arrival, Tops, Multicolor, Theme, American Flags, Socks, and the Christmas gift items.

When you want to purchase a product, you can know about it by checking the precise description; however, it lacks several demo pictures. Plus, though the price is pretty good, you have no option to choose different colors.


  • Website URL: https://www.ownlucks.com
  • Customer Comments: No Ownlucks Reviews are obtainable.
  • Address: Not available.
  • Product Details: Women’s fashion wear and Christmas gifting products.
  • Email ID: info@ownlucks.com
  • Phone Number: Not given; buyers can communicate with them via social media or direct message mode.
  • Order Shipped At: The order is sent between 1 to 2 business weeks via DHL, Fedex, or USPS.
  • Shipping Fees: With the amount over 79$, no transportation fees are charged. 
  • Cancellation Policy: Not furnished.
  • Replacement Policy: Available for only missing or broken or manufacturing defective products.
  • Return Policy: 30 days valid time is given.
  • Is Ownlucks Legit: It has a poor score on legitimacy.
  • Refund Policy: According to the policy, it is issued between 3 days to 1 week.
  • Payment System: PayPal, American Express, Visa, Discover, etc.



  • Several ladies’ outfits are available, along with Christmas gifting items.
  • The price is fair.
  • Discount is running for every buyer.
  • An international freighting option is available.
  • Several modes for payments.


  • Contact number and location ID are missing.
  • Low index point.
  • No reviews are present.
  • Fake claims of having an active community platform’s connection.
  • Plagiarism is available.
  • The cancellation policy is not defined.

Consumer’s comment on ‘Is Ownlucks Legit’:

The site started an online retail business one month ago, and till that time, no reviews had been provided. However, the surprising fact is, the portal did not make any social promotion to build the brand name. Along with, if you check the site, you can get the icons of social media; but the link is not valid.

Moreover, on the Contact Us page, authorities have suggested connecting via social media; however, the link is not active, which is a suspicious fact. Again many articles and videos are posted regarding its legitimacy stating it is not worthy of use. How to get refunds on PayPal scams? Raed.

Final Verdict:

Is Ownlucks Legit? It’s new and a bit fishy, as fake demand of having a valid profile on community platforms, no reviews, address and contact number, low index, etc. Since buyers should recheck the entire portal, they want to buy Christmas gifts from Ownlucks. Also, know the steps to get refunds on Credit cards. Is this blog helpful? Please mention below.

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