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Is Quando Rondo Alive (May 2021) Checkout Details Now!

Is Quando Rondo Alive (May 2021) Checkout Details Now! >> Read this news to explore to know about the attack on the rapper and his survival.

Do you believe in the rumour about Quando Rondo? Many social media platforms are circulating and spreading the news of Quando Rondo’s death. Should you think that, or is it fake news?

The article below is to inform you about the news spreading about Quando Rondo’s death. Scroll down to know the details if he is dead or Is Quando Rondo Alive? Many curious people in the United States, and Canada, and worldwide want to know if the news is genuine or fake. 

What do you know about Quando Rondo?

Tyquian Terrel Bowman, also called Quando Rondo, is a famous American vocalist, songwriter, and rapper. He belonged to Savanna, Georgia, U.S. 

The well-known rapper and singer, Quando Rondo, showed interest in music since childhood. His nickname is Quando, and he was a hardcore fan of Rajon Rondo, the basketball player.

He loved listening to Fatboy Slim, Collective Soul, and Chief Keef. He is in the news recently about his death. We will let you know the truth behind the information. Scroll down to know that Is Quando Rondo Alive?

What Is The News Spreading For Quando Rondo?

Many social media platforms are getting massive comments from the fans, and there has been a video getting viral about Quando Rondo. The video showed that Quando is taken to the hospital in the ambulance, while others stated that he is shot dead.

His fans and followers are taking social media to storm curious queries, while others are shocked to know about their beloved rapper and singer. However, we thought to research Quando Rondo to let out readers know if it is true that their star is no more or if he is surviving. 

Is Quando Rondo Alive?

After the death of King Von, people believed that Quando Rondo is dead. Many people are circulating images and videos claiming the rapper’s death. 

However, when we searched about it, we found that Quando Rondo’s death is not confirmed. Quando was shot in Georgia on May 3, 2021. Hence, we advise our readers to check-in detail about it in this article. Quando’s fans and followers are devastated by the news of this attack on him.

He was caught and trapped in a hail of gunfire while he was at a convenience store in Georgia. When such news circulates, many people start searching about it and take social media to exchange views and grieves. Do his fans still want to know that Is Quando Rondo Alive?

Is Quando Rondo shot dead?

The hoax about Quando Rondo’s has made many people flooded social media with queries. It is claimed that he was shot in Georgia recently at about 03:20 a.m. on May 5, 2021. 

Final Verdict:

The news about Quando Rondo has heated the social media platforms. Law enforcement sources stated that he is wounded, and it is still not clear about his survival. He was with his crew in the parking lot off the highway when he was attacked with gunfire.

Do you want to know the truth about a query of many fans that Is Quando Rondo Alive

To know more about the attack, you can check the attached link below:

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