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Is Shane Dawson Alive (April 2021) Read The Truth!

Is Shane Dawson Alive (April 2021) Read The Truth! >> This article gives you information about a rumor of a famous Youtube personality and the truth behind it.  

Are you here to find out about the post of Shane Dawson? If you are here to know about the trend, you have landed on the right page because, in this article, we will cover all the information and the facts responsible for the #RIPShaneDawsom rumor. 

As the rumor spread worldwide, people start doubting and asking, Is Shane Dawson Alive or dead? Well, let’s find out about the truth. 

Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson or Shane Lee Kaw is an American YouTuber, actor, writer, and director born in the United States. He is the first person who gained fame through online video streaming on YouTube. Shane made his first video at the age of 19, and that video was watched by half of the billions of people. 

Though, Shane Dawson earned fame and money through YouTube and social media. In the recent news, there was a rumor that Shane Dawson is dead, and it was all over the social media that people start asking ‘Is Shane Dawson Alive or dead?’ We will tell you the story behind this rumor. So stick around and continue reading. 

What is the story behind this rumor?

Almost on all social media websites, one is trending, and that is Shane Dawson has died, and Shane has no idea about this rumor. The rumor of his death starts at a celebrity news site called TMZ, where there was a tweet that Shane Dawson Died at the age of 32 with #ripShane. 

The source from the post that was shared was not verified, which pops up the question that Is Shane Dawson Alive. Usually, all the death threats and posts of celebrities come from an unknown source.  People started using this hashtag on their posts, which makes it one of the trending hashtags. 

It is happened because of the previous comments of Shane Dawson on a sensitive topic, which hurts the people’s sentiment of many countries like the United Kingdom and many more. Because of those comments, youtube decided not to put an advertisement in Shane’s video. 

Is Shane Dawson Alive

As per our research and the sources, we found out that the rumors are false and Shane is alive. As so here is the answer: YES! Shane Dawson is alive, and the rumor about him is not true. 

We cannot find who spread this rumor in the first place, but we are sure that he is alive through its Instagram post, posted on December 10, 2020. After June 2020, Shane took a break from social media because of the incidents and comments. 


With all the given information and facts, we now know the story behind this trend and the actual truth. So Is Shane Dawson Alive? Yes! The rumors are just a hoax created by some person, as per the sources. 

So if you know anything about this rumor about Shane Dawson, then share us in the comment section below. 

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