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Is Sicism Website Legit {July} Read It Before You Shop Here

Is Sicism Website Legit {July} Read It Before You Shop Here >> The article consists of information about an online shop that offers apparel and accessories.

An E-commerce website is a bit of leeway for each one of the individuals who need more an ideal opportunity for shopping. A few online stores give free home conveyance benefits that permit you to get the conveyance with no pressure of picking the item. In this article, we will cover the data that it Is Sicism Website Legit. 

There are a few sites in the United States that sell counterfeit items and trick purchasers. The trick sites show the item made in the US; however, it isn’t. Thus, it is essential to distinguish every one of those phony and trick sites to defend the purchasers. 

Individuals used to pull in with low label costs without making any worry about the site’s authenticity. It is pivotal to think about the site or where the item is coming. Along these lines, ensure about the site before putting in any request since it might cost your pocket. You can check it by auditing the remarks and criticism from the clients. 

In this Sicism Website Reviews, we will cover the data and identified that it Is Sicism Website Legit or not and will think about its whereabouts.

Is Sicism Website Legit?

In our study, we don’t find any comments or reviews defining Is Sicism Website Legit. There are no customer reviews, and the website is not appropriate and trustworthy. According to a few experts, the site is a scam.

What is Sicism.com?

Sicism.com is a regular online shop that sells bracelets, anklets, jewelry, headbands, baseball and trucker cap, rings, pendants, glasses, and all ranges of fashion accessories. The company is offering free shipping facilitates to all the buyers on the purchase of any products.

The website is also selling ladies fashion wears online at a low price. You will find several ranges of designs, colors, and sizes of the products. The company is also offering an affiliate program where any buyer can sell the product directly to the customer. In return, they will get a commission based on the performance.

During our research and study about the website, we found lots of flaws in the website. The images used on the website are copied from other sites, we don’t see any customer reviews, so that Is Sicism Website Legit or not can be identified. The company has put wrong details about the contact address, it is incomplete and an incorrect address.

The company is offering three months of return time; you can also ask for a refund from the company. 


  • Email Id- sicism@outlook.com
  • Contact Address – 330 oak grove st 618, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403, US
  • Contact Number – +16598009508

Pros of Sicism.com

  • Sicism.com is multiple online shops that sell wristbands, anklets, gems, headbands, baseball and trucker top, rings, pendants, glasses, and all scopes of design embellishments. 
  • You will get a free delivery option if you purchase any product from the company side
  • The site is likewise selling women style wears online at low costs, you can also get a discount of up to 50%
  • Likewise, the organization is offering an associate program where any purchaser can sell the item to the client, and they will give commission in return

Cons of Sicism.com

  • Our analysis says that the site is a scam; we discovered loads of defects on the website. The pictures utilized in the website are replicated from different sites, 
  • We don’t find any buyer’s reviews or feedback.
  • The owner has put wrong insights regarding the contact address; it is deficient and an off-base location. 
  • The website is offering three months of return time; you can likewise request a discount. 
  • We foundno social media account and any external links that identify the website legitimacy

What are people saying about Sicism.com?

Our study found no comments, reviews, or feedback by the customers; we found a few experts commented where they remarked it as a scam. Our analysis says that the website might be a scam because it used copied content and images, so we advise you to ignore it, but it is up to you and your choice.


The website is not found legit, and we suggest choosing another online shop that is legit and provides you the excellent quality product. You can also verify the site on your own, but what we found about it is not fit for buyers. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section.


16 thoughts on “Is Sicism Website Legit {July} Read It Before You Shop Here

  1. I have ordered from this site afew days ago and just inquired about my order, the response was they have no record of my email address, which I received an invoice for my purchase paid for through Paypal. something is fishy!!! buyer beware. anyone wanting to contact me about this: tbuff11@netzero.com
    If I don’t hear from them soon I will be contacting the BBB and the authorities in their city.

    1. Here’s my ongoing story. I web searched for an LG Blu-Ray player and found this site had it for a much lower price than others. Their address is listed as being in Minneapolis. There is an e-mail address for a “Thomas Sturgeon”. For safety’s sake, I usually pay w/PayPal. I placed my order, was directed to PayPal and paid. PayPal responds that they just directed payment to: and there were 2 chinese symbols. ah-oh. I received order confirmation in proper English. Two days later I received tracking info that addressed me by my last name where one would except a first name and was in broken English. I looked up the Minneapolis address and found that it is a large apartment building. Tracking shows shipment from China. Does the Korean company LG build their product in China? Turns out that they do. Six days later tracking shows the shipment is at my front door. It was a bag of disposable face masks, not a DVD player. E-mailed them about what was shipped. They asked for a picture of what I received (broken English) and I provided it. Got an apology and was told to keep that shipment and that they will send what I ordered (broken English again). All of the e-mail responses I received were sent during early AM hours my time. Can’t figure out what the scam would be if it were. There’s sending me stuff that costs money plus shipping. PayPal will reverse the charges no problem if this continues or if the product is counterfeit. Very strange.

      1. Its a total scam!!!!! They got me too!😢 I assumed since it showed a US location, it was safe..but oh no. The bastards send crap from China..and not what you ordered or even close! I was waiting for a new weed eater..got face mask instead. How is it with continual complaints , our country cant shut them down? Disgusting bastards and scam artists!

    2. Funny, I ordered a power generator and I received a package of face masks, price is too high for face masks, then I called the phone number from their customer support an message is phone number not active, waiting from my credit card company for a payment reversal.

  2. We are a legit eBay seller and had a customer contact us today that a listing on sicism.com was using pictures from one of our listings. They were asking only $60 for a $300 item. Additional searches found numerous listings like this, super cheap prices on expensive items. Totally fishy!

  3. Thank you, Thomas. I’ve sent you an email about our common experiences with them. It would be great to get your reply.

    For the benefit of all who read this conversation, I want to include the text of my most recent communication with them below.

    “Let’s be clear about our interaction at this point.

    I’d like to believe you are sincere.

    That’s becoming difficult for me.

    For example,

    Your ad gave me the impression you are a MN based retailer. In your reply, please give the full name of what MN is short for.

    Your ad communicated to all viewers that there is / was “only one left / order soon” before my purchase, but after my order and the funds transfer, the ad remains online just as before. How do you explain this?

    Please give me a reason to believe I haven’t been “fooled” on the one hand, and truly “a fool” on the other.


  4. I made a purchase from here. I received an email saying my shipment will be sent in 7 to 10 business days. I have surpassed that time. When I tried calling the number it’s not in service and I do not have my purchase! Do Not Purchase from here!!!

    1. They are a scam and disgrace! The weed eater I never received was a face mask instead too..I would love to slap the shit out of these jerks! Meanwhile, theyre pocketing US money and our us companies (credit cards, pal pal etc) are getting screwed on their end. Grateful they back us, but its not right that these crooked bastards are getting away with these scams!!

  5. On July 2nd, 2020 I ordered a Used lawn edger. On July 17th, 2020 I received an envelope with face masks in it. The original picture of the product had a backdrop that had Cokoroda on it. I assumed the product was in Colorado. The envelope with masks, was from China, as was the tracking information.
    I contacted the company by e-mail on the 17th of July, 2020, and received a prompt reply asking for pictures of what I had received. I took pictures and replied.
    The company apologized for the mistake, asked me to keep the masks for the inconvenience and said they would ship the correct item and advise me with a tracking number when the item shipped. That was today.
    As much as I think this is a scam, I have to give them the opportunity to resolve the problem before asking my credit card company for a refund.
    I will advise as the situation progresses.

    1. Noooooo! Its a scam!!! They scammed me too! They are SO full of shit with their responses!!!! Report it now…get your money back..your item is never going to show up. Meanwhile, they drag this out and secure getting their money!! Hope they get caught and hung!!!!#

  6. Ordered DVD’s for almost $80. Received about $2 worth of masks. Just hoping a PayPal dispute will get my money back

  7. Several have now received bogus packages in lieu of other products. Face masks are sent instead of the item(s) purchased. Please make others aware.

  8. Update: After having sicism tell me to be happy and that they would send me what I had ordered, I heard nothing from them. Emailed them again to find out if the item shipped and was told they showed it had been delivered; they referenced the original tracking number. I contacted PayPal on 7/23 for a full refund. Sicism offered to refund me $11 less than I was charged; didn’t offer to send me the Blu-ray player advertised, that I had ordered and paid for. Refused that. Just waiting on PayPal to reverse the full amount. Very weird scam.

  9. This is a continuation of a post from July 23rd, 2020.
    On July 24th, 2020 I received an e-mail with a tracking number and website to follow the progress of my replacement shipment. The website worked for several does and then stopped working. After complaining I was given a different website for tracking.
    Every 2 days I receive an update. Nothing specific just general information i.e. Left plant, Left city, arrived U.S., shipping to State, etc. When I go to the tracking companies’ website other than the website I have been given and enter the tracking number, the website tells me the tracking number is not valid. In addition the original website containing the merchandise is no longer active. I think I have chased this company enough.
    On August 11th, 2020 I asked my credit card company for a refund.
    Gary Hoga

  10. I had the same thing happened to me it’s definitely a scam I received mask in the mail instead of what I had ordered.

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