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Is Sounguesu Scam or Legit {Nov 2022} Reviews Here!

Read the article below before you purchase anything, and this article will help you to know if Is Sounguesu Scam or Legit.

Is it true that you have been looking for women’s coats and other dresses for this winter? Are you searching for online portals now offering discounts on all their products? While searching about those products, you came to know about Sounguesu?

People in the United States have been preparing for this winter and looking for websites that sell warm clothes. Many websites are available, but people are now raising a few queries and want to know Is Sounguesu Scam or Legit? We suggest viewers hold their patience and read till the end to see this answer.

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Legitimacy part of Sounguesu

  • The domain of Sounguesu has been operating since 19th October 2022, and they have been active for over 1.5 months.
  • Sounguesu has achieved only a 2% trust score, which could be more impressive.
  • We have also found a trust score of only 10 percent.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot find any active social media links on Sounguesu.
  • We do not see any customer has given a single Sounguesu Reviews, and it is not a good sign for Sounguesu
  • Customers will discover the correct contact details while they scroll down Sounguesu.
  • We Have also checked the web page content and do not see any plagiarism issues.
  • The domain of Sounguesu will expire on 19th October 2023.
  • The owner needs to add details about them, which might raise customer doubts.

What is Sounguesu?

Sounguesu is an online portal which has been selling multiple women’s products. Among them, Women’s coats have been one of their popular products. But customers are now raising a few questions and want to know Is Sounguesu Scam or Legit?

Specification of Sounguesu:

  • The URL Link of Sounguesu can be accessed using this link presented here: https://sounguesu.com.
  • Customers will be able to send them an email using sounguesu@clothescl.com, and soon the representative will revert.
  • The officials have just created a contact number.
  • Sounguesu has set up an efficient delivery policy, and they will deliver your product within 7 to 10 days.
  • Customers can return their products, and the refund period will be 14 days.
  • We need help finding links to social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Multiple payment options have been installed, and customers can pay money using Paypal, Visa, Amex etc.
  • Certification has been added to the website. It is a good thing for the customers.

Is Sounguesu Scam or Legit can be known by reading PROS and CONS:

PROS of Sounguesu:

  • The Delivery policy of 7 to 10 days is attractive, and customers will like it.
  • Fourteen days of the refund period is also good for the customers.
  • Customers who are looking for pretty female coats can be found here.

CONS of Sounguesu:

  • Correct contact details have yet to be created after having 1.5 months of experience.
  • The team of Sounguesu has developed no social media account.
  • Owners need to add details about them to gain customers’ trust.
  • Sounguesu tends to share data with other service providers.

Sounguesu Reviews

Sounguesu is an online portal that has been active over the web for 1.5 months. Still, we are waiting to get a single review. To know more about them, we search for social media accounts and do not get anything.

 That is the main reason we took help from reputed review websites, and they suggested we skip this portal and look for other websites. Meanwhile, if you are searching for tips and tricks to save money from Paypal Scams, click here.

The Last Words:

After verifying all the details, we can say this portal is a scam because the team needs to fill in more information, and the trust score is also very poor. The popular portal has given a red flag and suggests interested buyers look for other websites

Will you skip Sounguesu? Do put your comment in your comment box. Also, if you want to gain some new details about credit card scams.

Is Sounguesu Scam or Legit: FAQs

1 Trust score of Sounguesu?

It is only 2%.

2 What is the Trust Index Score of Sounguesu?

It is only 10%.

3 How many social media handles are active on Sounguesu?


4 What type of products does Sounguesu sell?

They mainly sell women’s products.

5 Contact Number of Sounguesu?


6 Is Sounguesu a trusted portal?


7 Do any Sounguesu reviews available?


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