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Is Stalenossenogen Legit (Dec) Check Online Reviews!

Please go through this write-up to answer your query Is Stalenossenogen Legit about an online store that deals with different shapes and sizes of windows.

Are you looking for good-quality steel windows to safeguard your home? Have you recently moved to a new residence and planning to buy window panes? Did you come across a website called Stalenossenogen and want to explore its collection of windows? Then, please read this article to know more. 

In today’s report, we have answered a question that currently persists in shoppers worldwide, including the United States. Therefore, please go through this write-up to address your query, Is Stalenossenogen Legit and other details about this website.

Is Stalenossenogen Genuine?

We have mentioned in this section some researched facts about this portal for you to get an insight into its legitimacy. 

  • Website Age – 4 years old, as the developers created this website on 15 February 2018.
  • Website Trust Score – 60%, which is categorized under an Average Trust Index.
  • Ranking in Alexa – We could not find any rank of this website on Alexa.
  • Social Media Links – The portal is not linked to any social media platforms. 
  • Missing Specification – The developers have not provided any scope to filter the products.
  • Customer Reviews – We could not find any product or Stalenossenogen Reviews by shoppers on this platform.
  • Genuineness of Contact Details – A map is provided with the portal’s name pinned on the Contact Us page, which seems dubious as the address corresponds to another online store. Furthermore, no e-mail address is available on this website. 
  • Content Originality – The General section of this website mentions the name of another portal, which seems to be copied.
  • Missing Policies – The designers have not mentioned any information related to the shipment or payment options in separate policies.

The above particulars indicate that this website may be suspicious. However, as the opinions are mixed, we cannot state Is Stalenossenogen Legit.

What is Stalenossenogen?

Stalenossenogen is an online e-commerce portal that sells steel windows of different shapes like oval and rectangular. The website offers these windows with various dimensions to fit all types of frames.


Please find the specifications of this website that will help you get more details about it.

  • Portal Type – An online electronic commerce portal that sells windows of different shapes and dimensions. 
  • Portal Address – https://www.stalenossenogen.be/
  • Social Media Connection – Absent (In today’s digitized era, social media linking is a key feature. Its absence will reaffirm your query regarding Is Stalenossenogen Legit).
  • Contact Address – Olmensebaan 75, 2490 Balen
  • Telephone Number – (32)497336702
  • E-mail Id – Not given
  • Sort By – Available
  • Filter By – Unavailable
  • Privacy Policy and Terms – Mentioned
  • Shipment Policy – Not given. The developers have only mentioned free shipping along with the product descriptions. 
  • Return and Refund – Buyers should return items within 14 days of receiving them. The designers have not mentioned any time frame for processing the refunds.
  • Payment Methods – Unavailable
  • Products’ Price – Mentioned in Euros.


  • The developers have covered all legal points in the Privacy Policy.
  • Buyers can choose from different dimensions of windows.

Cons Regarding Is Stalenossenogen Legit

  • No date is available along with the copyright badge, and thus, the web design seems copied from some template.
  • The General section contains the name of another e-commerce store. The physical address also belongs to this store.
  • Customers will find it difficult to trust this website as there is no social media connection.
  • The number of products available on this platform is limited.
  • The developers have not provided any details about the payment methods or shipment policy that they follow. 
  • Despite being an old portal, we could not find any customer reviews on it.

Stalenossenogen Reviews

There is no citation of this website on reviewing platforms like Trustpilot, Reddit, or Quora, despite this portal being an old one. This shows that buyers did not trust this platform for the absence of key features like social media connection or shipment policy. Moreover, there are no product reviews on the subject portal itself. Therefore, you should read How to Get a Refund on Paypal, If Scammed, before indulging in such suspicious and incomplete websites.

The Final Verdict

This website seems dubious according to our gathered facts. However, we cannot declare Is Stalenossenogen Legit as the feedback is mixed. Nonetheless, please go through the Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card to protect your assets. You may also like to read about steel windows  and their different types.

Please share your views about this website below.

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