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Is Swingrelax.com Legit [June] Is It the legit Business?

Is Swingrelax.com Legit [June] Is It the legit Business? -> In this article, you will learn all the pros, cons, and other details of a website that sells swings.

Do you love to swing? Who doesn’t? After all, swings bring back those sweet and innocent childhood memories. 

There are many websites online that sell swings. Swingrelax.com is one of those websites. However, Is Swingrelax.com Legit? Does it deliver products to the United States? Does it sell products of good quality?

There are several Swingrelax.com Reviews online, but they don’t answer all of those questions. Therefore, we have done a detailed review of Swingrelax.com that answers every single one of your questions. So read the article till the end.

Is Swingrelax.com Legit?

Swingrelax.com registered its domain on the 18th of June 2020. As a result, it didn’t complete a month on the internet. 

There are a few reviews about it online. However, there is no proof that the website has scammed people as of yet. But it does not guarantee that it won’t scam anyone in the feature.

The website has a page only on the Facebook platform, and it has only a few posts and followers. There are no complaints about the website on the Facebook page. However, no one has made any positive comments either.

The website still needs to invest some time and effort to establish itself as a legit and trustworthy business.

What Is Swingrelax.com?

Swingrelax.com is a website that solely focuses on selling swings. The swings are incredibly big and come in different colors. They can accommodate more than one person effortlessly. 

They are a perfect place to relax with your family on the weekend. You can hang the swing inside, or you can hang it outdoors. 

If you love nature, then you should hang the swing outdoors and enjoy your time with nature. The product page has a clear description of the swings. It mentions the size of the swing and its bearing capacity. The bearing capacity of the largest swing is about 200kg.

Specifications Of Swingrelax.com:

  • Product: Swing
  • Email: support@swingrelax.com 
  • Payment Method: Not mentioned
  • Shipping time: 1-3 weeks
  • Shipping cost: Free
  • Returns: 30-days return
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Exchanges: Applicable
  • Contact Address: Not given
  • Contact Number: +1-925-310-7657

Pros Of Buying Products From Swingrelax.com:

  • You can buy very comfortable swings 
  • The swings can accommodate more than one person at a time
  • The swing is incredibly big
  • It has a strong and comfortable fabric
  • You can hang the swing both indoors and outdoors

Cons Of Buying Products From Swingrelax.com:

  • The website does not mention the payment method
  • They do not mention their contact address on the website 
  • Delivery can take about three weeks
  • Refunds and exchanges are applicable only under certain conditions 
  • Their ‘About Us’ page does not explain anything about their product 

What Are People Saying About Swingrelax.com?

The customers can rate and review the product on the website. You can find many reviews about the products. However, since the website started just a few days ago, the presence of such a high number of reviews is suspicious. Moreover, all the reviews are exceptionally positive, and it makes us wonder if those reviews are fake.

The website has a Facebook page. The number of posts on the page is low. However, the fact that the website tried to establish a social media presence after just a few days of starting a business is quite impressive. Since the Facebook page is new, there are no comments from people yet. 

There are a few reviews online about Swingrelax. Some of those websites say that Swingrelax could be potentially legit, while others say that it could be a scam.

Final Verdict:

Swingrelax started just a few days ago. However, it has all the necessary pages and information. It would look more legitimate if it would provide the contact address and payment information.

It still needs to create social media pages on other social media platforms. Moreover, there is no guarantee if the reviews on the website are fake or legit.

Swingrelax still needs time to establish itself as a legit website. Some of its features show that it is legit while some other features point out that it could be a scam.

Therefore, it is better to wait and watch which path Swingrelax eventually takes in the field of online business. Until then, we recommend you to look for another alternative.

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