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Is The Owner Of Roblox Dead (Jan) Click Here To Know!

Is The Owner Of Roblox Dead (Jan) Click Here To Know! >> This post details the owner of the Roblox game, Erik Cassel and David Baszucki, and present vital information about them.

Roblox has been in the news for the past few days. Besides, the news of Is the Owner of Roblox Dead has been doing rounds on the internet. 

Fans across the world, including the Philippines, United Kingdom, and the United States, are storming the forums to know whether Roblox’s real owner is alive. The online gaming platform allows users to programme their own game and play it has been in the news lately.

Are you too curious to know about the founder, and if he is alive, you are certainly at the right place? So, please continue to read below,

Who is the owner of Roblox?

The gaming forum is thronged with questions of Is the Owner of Roblox Dead. Fans across the world are curious to know who is the real owner of Roblox and if they are alive. But before we find the answer to the question, let’s sneak through the history of Roblox. 

The gaming platform Roblox is the dreamchild of two creative minds, namely David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. In 2004, when David met Erik, both began working on their dream project naming it Dynablocks. It was later changed to Roblox, the combination of Robot and Blocks. From then on, the platform has been growing steadily.

Is the Owner of Roblox Dead?

We presented the background of the gaming platform to highlight the answer to the question. Roblox is co-owned by two people who are David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. However, only one among the two are presently alive. 

Erik Cassel, who co-founded Roblox, passed away in 2013 after fighting Cancer for three years. It was confirmed by David Baszucki, the current CEO of Roblox, on the official blog. He further states to have met Erik after graduating from Cornell University and working together for 20 years at Knowledge Revolution. They went on to start the gaming platform.

Thus, answering the question, Is the Owner of Roblox Dead, we can conclude that, yes, Erik Cassel has passed away from among the two owners. David Baszucki is currently working as the CEO of Roblox and managing the entire work.

Who was Erik Cassel?

Erik Cassel co-founded, administrator and former Vice-President of Roblox. While he was very active on the platform yet, he rarely played any games. In the year 2013, on February 11, Erick Cassel passed away after battling Cancer for three years, almost after nine years of creating the gaming platform.

Conclusion – The Legend continues to live in the Hearts of the Gamers

As soon as the news of his death was announced on Twitter, hashtags of Is the Owner of Roblox Dead started to make rounds. Curious fans wanted to reconfirm if the legend behind the game had passed away. 

On February 12, 2013, numerous of his fans gathered at the Erik Cassel Memorial paying tribute, with many seen adorning shirts named “Official Erik Shirt” that went off sales eight days later.

What do you want to say about Erik Cassel? Please do share with us your opinion in the comments box below.

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  1. Erkis Cassel was a LEGEND behind roblox/Dynamic Blocks, yes he wasen’t really “famous” in the roblox community after he passed away so many fans of him were raiding roblox for his death, yes i was even on the platform when that happend.

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