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Is Therafit Shoes Legit (Oct) Check The Full Review!

Is Therafit Shoes Legit (Oct) Check The Full Review! >> This review will assist you in understanding the validity of the website offering trendy footwear.

Are you one of the shoe lovers? Do you want some noteworthy trends in shoes that you can buy online? If yes, we are here to share a fantastic website which is Therafitshoe.com. Is Therafit Shoes Legit or scam? This query is solved in the review below.

The people in the United States have reviewed the company and used the website extensively.

In this article, you will acknowledge Therafit Shoes Reviews discussing the significant factors like legitimacy and the company worth the money and time or not.

Is Therafit Shoes Legit?

Several companies register every day for online business; finding out the legit platform from so many options is challenging. Therafitshoe.com is working since 2011 and has a good trust score and valid HTTPS connection. 

The website shares the contact number and email address for the customers as well, and no one claimed it a scam. But the answer to the question Is Therafit Shoes Legit or scam is not clear.

According to the traffic rate and trust score, the website seems legit, but it has too many negative customer reviews. So, we suggest you should do proper research before buying anything from this website.

About Therafitshoe.com

The Therafitshoe.com is the e-commerce store dealing with the trendy designs of footwear and other accessories like bags. The website has different sections for casuals, slippers, and foot health that make it easy for the customer to find the pair they desire to buy.

They have fast delivery and all the other policies that attract the customers at a significant level.

Do you have any experience with this website? Have you heard any reviews about the company? If not, Therafit Shoes Reviews will help you get all the required facts about the company.


  • Website – www.therafitshoe.com
  • Established – 2011-10-14
  • Product – Footwears
  • Contact no. – 866-393-9291
  • Email address – customerservice@therafitshoe.com
  • Address – not give
  • Shipping – not mentioned
  • Delivery time – 3-4 business days 
  • Return – within the 30 day
  • Refund – within 7- 10 days after the return is inspected
  • Payment – credit/debit cards accepted, and online mode is available.

Pros of the Website

  • The trendy designs of footwear are available.
  • It works on a valid HTTPS connection.
  • It has a good trust score of 86%.
  • The domain is working since 2011.
  • They provide fast deliveries throughout the country.
  • They have a social media presence.
  • It has good ratings for the delivery process.
  • The company claims to return the defected products.

Cons of the Website

  • The prices of the products are very high.
  • The website does not provide any physical address of the company.
  • The website has too much negative feedback from early users.
  • They lack customer service facility.
  • It has fake reviews on the website available.
  • It has low ratings for quality and customer service.

Please stay tuned with us to know more about Is Therafit Shoes Legit through its customer reviews.

Customer Feedback

The customer feedback is essential to find out Is Therafit Shoes Legit or a scam. The website is old, but they have several unsatisfied customers.

The website generalized reviews states that customers are not happy with the company’s product quality.

The user claimed the uncomfortable pair of shoes that are not suitable for running. Some of them are not happy with the customer service as there is no direct contact between the customer and company that causes many problems for them to order. The company claims to accept the return and refund of the money, but the company provides no contact during the return and refund.

Therefore the site may be acceptable in delivery ratings, but at the same time, the website has low ratings for comfort zone due to quality and customer service.

Please go for comprehensive research before buying anything from this website.

Final Verdict

This article shares the company’s unbiased review registered in the United States and deals with all the footwear designs. 

Therafitshoe.com is the old website, established since 2011, and has amazingly worked these years, but at the same time, the negative feedback is the point that suggests the best decision that could stop you from investing money in the wrong place. The site seems legit, but only you can decide that Is Therafit Shoes Legit or a scam has managed both positive and negative sides.

We will love it if you share your opinion with us regarding the website and its ratings. Please leave the comment in the comments section below. Your feedback could help others in making the right decision.Enjoy online shopping safely.

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