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Is Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Legit {Nov} See Reviews

Is Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Legit {Nov} See Reviews -> Here, we talked about the blue colour bean bag chair that is extremely affordable.

Bean Bags are soft and comfortable. You can sit on it and watch your favourite shows on it. So, here we are sharing Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair feedback with you. But before shopping you need to see Is Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Legit or not. 

People in the United States can easily order this bean bag without facing a problem.

If you are looking forward to buying Bean Bag, then you must check for Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Reviews

Do you think Thomas Store Bean Bag is legit?

At the time of checking Is Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Legit or scam we found it a legit product because we have seen that the product was first available on Amazon.in and has received positive reviews. If you want to buy it, then you can go on amazon.in and buy your product from there. This product is trying to make its brand value among customers. Therefore, we can declare it to be a legitimate product. 

What is a Thomas Store Bean Bag?

The Thomas Store Bean bag is an extremely comfortable bean bag that has the amazing graphics of your favourite cartoon characters. It is light in weight and has a handle that you can carry from one room to another. If you want to buy this bean bag chair, then you can buy it from amazon

Mention here all the specific details of Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair.

The specific details of Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair are:

  • The bean bag is 18” in height and 18” in width. Its depth is 11.”
  • The weight of the product is 726 grams.
  • It is blue. 
  • You can buy it from the leading online platform named Amazon. 

Write here all the pros of buying the Thomas Store Bean Bag?

The pros of buying the Thomas Store Bean Bag are:

  • The cost of the product is highly affordable. 
  • It will help you to prevent stress, tension, anxiety and several other problems. 
  • It helps to cure your backache problem. 
  • It eases out your muscle and joint pain. 
  • You can enjoy its doorstep delivery in all the locations of the United States

Write here all the cons of buying the Thomas Store Bean Bag?

The cons of buying the Thomas Store Bean Bag are:

  • Since bean bag chairs are light, so you might sink below, and face problems while getting up. 
  • Older adults might face problems while getting up from the bean bag. 
  • The product is not promoted on social media platform. 

What are the customer reviews for Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair?

When we checked for the Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Reviews, we found a few reviews for it. People have posted their mixed feedback regarding this product. This product serves the purpose of the chair, and its fabric has tent material. One customer posted that her son liked the product. Some said that they really like the quality of the fabric used in the product. They found that it has a durable and good quality product. While analysing Is Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Legit or not, we found it an authentic product. 

Final Verdict

Here, we talked about a Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Reviews, which is a comfortable and soft chair. It has graphic prints of cartoon characters. They are lightweight, where one can sink in it and face problems while getting up. It is an excellent product for the one who wants to cure their backache and stress. The product comes with a reasonable price tag so that one can buy it easily from various online platforms like Amazon and several others. 

The dimension of the bean bag chair is 45.72 x 45.72 x 45.72 cm, and its weight is 726 grams. The bean bag chair is blue. While checking Is Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Legit or not, we found it an authentic one. 

You can also share your product feedback with us if you have bought them for yourself as it will help a lot with all the potential buyers. 

0 thoughts on “Is Thomas Store Bean Bag Chair Legit {Nov} See Reviews

  1. I purchased the big beanbag online and never received it. I would say it’s not legitimate if you don’t receive the merchandise but they sure took my money.

  2. I ordered a bean bag chair and have not received it as of yet my confirmation number is 109534 and was ordered on 09/17/2020

    1. Did you ever get your bean bags? I want to purchase them but I am sure. These prices are presented much lower than the cost frim companies. Do you think this company is legit?

  3. I didn’t buy this thinking it was a train. It was made to look like I was buying a beanbag chair big enough for two grown a adults to lie down on. if this is what I’m getting (if I get anything at all)it is a scam. I’m so sad I was going to give it to my daughters (one has austim,I Kno she would’ve loved it),I just want to cry. Ty for trying.

  4. I researched the product, bean bags cost a lot of money. Over $50 and more. Thomas store says they are selling them $1.99 a piece I believe they are stealing money from people who come on their site to purchase these and any other purchases. Don’t send any money to them without fully researching them. I believe those prices are too good to be true. From other reviews I believe you will never see your money again if you choose to continue in trying to get these purchases. I could be wrong. You check it out for your self

  5. I priced the bean bags from Amazon they priced much higher than the $1.99 price from the “Thomas store” Why are their prices so low?

    1. I too purchased 1 and never received it,but I went for legal advice and all though it’s only $1.99, it’s a $1.99 that they wont be taking from anyone again,sorry I cant spill the beans here…

      1. they got me for 4 bags, what about the contact number that they supply ?
        Has any one contacted the information to reach them at ?

  6. I saw the lovesac for 1.99 at this thomas store …. I then looked at the site and went to the contact number for them and it’s a fake number and a fake store so please everyone it is a scam they will steal ur money and info … I wanted it for my daughter and couldn’t believe the price so in further investigations I found this is a scam …do not I mean do not give them your info you will get robbed … I’m going to find out how to get this shut down …thank you …ONE ANGRY MOM TO ANOTHER

  7. If i dont receive my merchandise I ordered next week, I’m going to call the Better Business Bureau and an attorney!!!!

  8. I just order one and then they took 49.99 from Gearfur Subscription and I had to close my account so I am really upset

  9. I also order a beanbag took my money it’s bn 2 months have received anything my order number is 108114 it was ordered 09/16/2016 charcoal gray

  10. Ya I ordered one as well on the 25th of Oct. Thinking it was the big Bean bag chair
    Checked my account to pay rent on the 28th of October and $99.99 was missing from my account my transaction history
    Said taken out the 27th of Oct. And the last time I used my debit card was to buy this bean bag chair for $1.99 and it makes it even funnier I worked hard all week so on the 27th of October I was asleep mostly all of the day so there’s no way I could use my card or my phone and I can’t find a receipt of that transaction I think it’s really messed up that the internet lets people like that get away with stuff like that I mean you might say hey it’s only a $1.99 but then on some other people they get more than that so it’s more than a $2 mishap so if anybody knows how to get your money back can you please let me know cuz I’m still waiting for my bank statement so I can dispute it

  11. I also ordered 2 chairs and never received them, I really want to call you guys a couple of names, but I’m going to just keep cool, but Thomas STORE????tamekadaniel46@gmail.com SMH, LOW DOWN!!

  12. I purchased two of these in October , it is now December and I still have not received my order and my card has been charged !! DO NOT PURCHASE FORM THIS SELLER

  13. I order two red one tangerine bean chair still have not seen them yet order # 112076 from the Thomas Store that was September 21,2020

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