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Is Touch Screen Purse Legit {Oct} Read Genuine Reviews!

Is Touch Screen Purse Legit {Oct} Read Genuine Reviews! >> If you want to operate your phone while keeping it in your purse safely, read the product review.

In the last decade, the mobile and watch industry has changed completely. Before, everyone was using the traditional keypad phones, but now each person has a touch screen mobile. Twenty years back, we never heard about the touch screen watches, but now they are ruling the markets.

Similarly, did you ever thought of a touch screen purse? I am sure you must have not. A television commercial running in the United States is talking about a touch screen wallet, and everyone is surprised by it. 

In this article, we will tell you that Is Touch Screen Purse Legit or not. The purse seems to be hypothetical, and we never came to know about any such technology. 

So, keep reading. We will also tell you about the features of the ‘Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV’ and its pros and cons.

Is the touch screen purse Legit?

The Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TVis an ordinary handbag that you can carry on your shoulder and is available in one colour. The purse is brought to us by Lori Greiner. The handbag has a transparent cover at the back of the bag with the help of which you can operate your phone.

The purse uses the touch screen’s name only for the marketing purpose as the only additional feature available in the bag is the transparent cover. The bag is open for sale on many legit websites, and thus we can trust the product.

The product came in the market months back, and we find the many reviews on youtube channels. Also, you can buy it from any legit source. The answer to the question ‘Is Touch Screen Purse Legit’ is yes, the purse is legit. 

What is Touch Screen Purse?

The touch screen purse of the United States does not have a touchpad like a mobile phone or a watch. The bag also cannot make calls like a standard touch screen phone. The purse design is such that it will allow you to use your phone while keeping it in the purse. 

The purse has many qualities like it can store all your necessary belonging and the transparent cover of the bag allows you to keep the mobile in it, and use the phone while keeping it in the pouch.

The transparent cover of the purse is the reason behind the name of the product. Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV does not have any technology in it and is like a regular purse that will allow you to use your phone without any problems. 

In the further article, you will get to know about the features, benefits of using the purse, and possible side effects or problems. Also, we will answer the question that ‘Is Touch Screen Purse Legit’ or not.

Specifications of the product:

  • Product Type: Purse
  • Product Color: Dark Grey
  • Product Dimension: 7.05 tall and 4.6 wide
  • Product usage: You can keep the belongings and the phone in the purse.
  • Product weight: 7.5 ounce

Pros of the product:

  • The purse can keep all the necessary belongings along with the phone.
  • The purse will keep the phone secure and will not allow it to get dirty.
  • ‘Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV’ can help use the phone, make calls, and e-mails easily while keeping it inside the purse.
  • The purse is a fashion product and is very stylish.
  • The purse is available on trusted websites.
  • The purse can keep almost all the sizes of smartphones in it.

Cons of the product:

  • Questions are raising in the market like ‘Is Touch Screen Purse Legit’ or not.
  • The product name is touch screen purse, which is an illusion to people.
  • The product is available in only one colour.
  • Only the smartphones up to the size of 6.5*4 can fit in the purse.

What do customers want to say about the purse?

The touch screen purse is available on many e-commerce websites, and thus there are numerous reviews available. We find that almost half of the users find the purse very helpful, and now they do not need to carry their phones in hand and can keep it in the bag and use.

Also, the women find it comfortable as there is no need to carry the purse in hand, and you can hang it cross-body or on the shoulder.


The final verdict about the ‘Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV’ is that the purse is handy for the women. The transparent cover can help use the phone quickly, and it is a great accessory to carry. The product seems to be legit, and we recommend the research before buying the product to all the women.

Readers do share your view about this touch screen purse in the comments.

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