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Is Tundra Freeze Scam (June) Check Detailed Reviews Now!

Is Tundra Freeze Scam (June) Check Detailed Reviews Now! >> An old pet food brand has recently launched freeze and dried dog food. Does the product possess all the essential nutrients? Read this blog and know.

Are you inclining freeze & dried dog foods? Dried & freeze pet food preserves more nutrients than cooked or dehydrated food. Are you aware of this information?

Orijen, another old brand, has brought freeze and dried dog foods for your pet to provide enough nutrition daily. The brand is popular in the United States. However, is their latest dog food worthy?

Read this whole content, and you can judge yourself if ‘Is Tundra Freeze Scam‘ or not-

Is the Dried & Freeze Dog Food is Worthy Buying?

Having a pet means having a baby- So, while choosing any pet food, you make sure that the brand has goodwill in the market and the product is worthy. Here also before buying Tundra Freeze dog food, let’ check some aspects-

  • The brand Orijen is building its goodwill for nearly 13 years- it was born on 22nd August 2008.
  • According to Scamdoc, the brand has a low risk with having 86 percent trust score.
  • No duplicate portal is present on the leading search engine.
  • Precise address information can be seen at the bottom of its web page.
  • Is Tundra Freeze Scam? Well, the product description is 100% original and unique.
  • The product received reviews from consumers.
  • However, the first launching date of this product is missing on the selling page.
  • This brand has an active and valid community page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, the portal has been for around one decade with excellent trust scores and each policy detail. Plus, the product also received remarks. Hence, both have good creditability; however, read our reviews section to know more about the product.

What is Tundra Freeze?

Tundra freeze & dried dog food is manufactured by Orijen that claims to give your pet a concentrated, rich source of nutrients, the same as raw food. Is Tundra Freeze Scam? While finding the answer, we found it is made with a special blend of wild boar, free-run duck, wild-caught flounder, herring, ranch-raised venison, goat, and grass-fed lamb.


  • Venison Meat (Raw) 19%.
  • Duck Meat-with Bone (Raw) 18.5%.
  • Flounder (Raw) 13.5%.
  • Lamb Meat (Raw) 12%.
  • Duck Liver (Raw) 5%.
  • Herring (Raw) 4%.
  • Boar Liver (Raw) 2.5%.
  • Lamb Liver (Raw) 4%.

Along with those, there are a number of ingredients you can notice on the back of the product package.

Specifications of Tundra Freeze:

  • Brand Name: Orijen
  • Size: Two sizes are available- 170g and 454g
  • Product Arrival Date: While seeking Is Tundra Freeze Scam‘ or not, we observe that no date is shared on the brand site.
  • Price: For 170g package, the price is 13.99 Pound, and for 454g package, the price is 30.99 Pound.
  • Feeding Guide: Yes, precisely written on the selling site.
  • In stock: Yes, the product is now available.


  • Highly nutrients freeze and dry food.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Prices are given according to the quantity of the package.
  • Feeding guidance, compositions are written on the brand site as well as on the backside of the product package.


  • Reviews say that the quality is needed to improve.
  • According to the remarks, customer service needs improvement.

Is Tundra Freeze Scam? – Customers’ comments.

The brand is pretty well-known in the United States, and received remarks on the brand site. Remarks show that all the consumers are satisfied with the product quality. On Trustpilot, there is only one remark where the consumer has given the product 2 stars and mentioned the customer service is poor, and she is not impressed with the nutrition level of the pet food.

Besides those comments, the product has not gained any remarks on several feedback mediums. Moreover, the freeze & dried pet food is only being sold on the Orijen site. Its Facebook and Instagram page is several followers. 

While searching Is Tundra Freeze Scam or not, we have seen that the Official Twitter account has good promotional work. However, being active for more than 1 decade, it lacks traffic and people’s engagement. You can now check more details from here.

Final Thought:

The product and the manufacturing brand both have excellent trust rank and all essential information. However, don’t avoid the mixed comments and lack of people’s engagement. So, although both are trustable, please read all the reviews and understand what customers’ views about it. Then only decide to purchase. Know some essential facts about the product’s legitimacy.

Is Tundra Freeze ScamPlease place your view in the below comment section.


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