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Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit – Read Reviews!

This write-up explains Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit and all the necessary information about that Company.

Are you planning to buy containers? In the United States, a website named Vanner goes viral because of its services. People are considering using that Company’s services in their project, but while trying to trust a new website, there is always some hesitation.

To clarify your choices, we have brought this article to discuss Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit.

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Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit?

People face scams where shipping companies are scamming them, and Vanner is also in the red light. As we explore the Vanner website, it seems well-curated and shows they are well-experienced in their field.

On the official page, they also mention the reviews from various satisfied customers, which look positive and would make people trust Vanner. We also looked at the Google reviews, and there were positive comments on their services, which proves that Vanner is not a scam website.

Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit

Vanner Ship Company: Information about the website

  1. Registered date of The Vanner: 26 January 2022
  2. Vanner Age: The website is two years old.
  3. The Vanner last update: It was analyzed two years ago
  4. Detection count: 0/40
  5. Trust Score: Vanner has a good trust score of 82/100
  6. IP Address:
  7. ASN – AS14061
  8. Server Location: (DE) Germany
  9. City and Religion: Frankfurt am Main, Hesse
  10. Franco Rank: Low
  11. Certificate: Valid SSL certificate
  12. Visitor count: Average
  13. Owner’s Id: Hidden

Vanner Ship Company Information about the website

Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit: Important specification

  1. Buy shipping services from https://vannerhq.com/
  2. Price: The website claims it offers competitive prices.
  3. Physical Address: 75 Executive Dr., Suite 433 Aurora, IL,60504
  4. Company number: (630)780-8899(630)412-0077
  5. Privacy Policy: Explained on their website
  6. Email address: info@vannerinc.us
  7. Safety with the services: They claim to take all the necessary safety measures with their services.
  8. Terms and Conditions: Vanner has explained all the terms and conditions required with their services.
  9. Proof of delivery: The transport operator will be responsible for that and need an acknowledgment receipt.
  10. Vanner Ship Company Reviews: Positive reviews are on the official website and the Google reviews.
  11. Social Media Presence: They are available on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  12. FAQ: all the FAQs are explained briefly on their account.
  13. Google Reviews and rating: Vanner has 22 Google ratings with a 3.3-star rating and 16 reviews with a 4.8/5 rating.
  14. Request a quote: If people want to write their needs to this website, they can fill out the form available on the Vanner website to explain their needs and expectations.

Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit Important specification

Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit: PROs and CONs


  • There are positive reviews on authentic sources like Google.
  • Vanner has a solid social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • They have provided all the essential information like E-mail addresses, Phone numbers, and company addresses.
  • To make people clear about their services, they have a FAQ section.
  • Vanner’s website has a good trust score and is two years old.


  • The website has not mentioned their price details, which can make people hesitant to contact them.
  • The Owner’s identity is kept hidden from the public. 

Is Vanner Ship Scam or Legit PROs and CONs

Vanner Ship Company: Reviews

Customer’s reviews of this Company are contradictory. People who have worked with this Company complain about the money they offer their employees and the Company’s behavior toward their staff, which is not good. Some customers have also complained about the reckless driving and claimed to hit their customers. 

Some customers have also given good reviews about their work and how professionally they handle the job. They also appreciate how the Company updates the customers about the regulated supply. Click here to safeguard yourself from PayPal Scams.

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Vanner Ship Company is not a scam company and is providing good service. But some reviews are concerning, so people interested in buying services from this website should be aware of all the mixed reviews. Check this link to be secure from Credit and Debit card scams.

Are you planning to give Vanner a try? In the comment below, tell us about your reading experience.

Disclaimer- We are not promoting any website with our article. This write-up aims to clarify the authenticity of the website.

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