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Is Vivala Scam {Aug 2022} Read The Entire Review Now!

This post on Is Vivala Scam is valuable and informative and shares comprehensive details on Vivala’s legitimacy. Kindly read.

Do you love pop art styles? Do you want to buy any tees showcasing pop art? If yes, then please explore the Viva La store. Worldwide, the store is getting popular. Many buyers are searching for it because they might want to try the pop art style. Is Vivala Scam? We cannot judge this website without searching for its authenticity. So, here we will advise you to look for the details that can clear your doubts. This post will clear your doubts. So, please go ahead.

Is it a scam website?

This section will include details showing whether the website is a scam or legit. Here, we will only share details on its legitimacy, and this will ultimately show you if the website is safe. If you are confused about the legitimacy details, let us clarify that these are some factors or parameters that will guide you on the website’s trustworthiness. Vivala Reviews, enrolment date, trust factor, etc., are some of the legitimacy details.

  • Enrollment Date: June 25, 2018, is the registration date for the Vivala shop. This shows that the website was registered four years ago. It has a satisfactory life span.
  • Registrar: The domain, Vivala, was registered through Google LLC
  • Trust Rate: Vivala shop got only thirty-three percent trust factor. The website indicates that it is not a trustworthy website.
  • Shopper’s Views: We can say it is a scam store as we have not found any reviews on their official website. Also, we have checked many online sites, but no one shared any reviews.
  • Social Media: Is Vivala Scam? This site looks like a scam because we found a single Instagram page. But, it is not helpful for us as no detail was extracted from such sources.
  • Data Security: The portal seems secured through HTTPS protocol. This means the data is transferred safely.
  • Misplaced Data: Vivala has only mentioned details in their email and location. The phone number and the owner’s data are hidden.
  • Policies: We have not seen any policies on their layout. The website does not highlight return, refund, or shipping policies. 
  • Expiration Date: June 25, 2023, is the website’s expiry date. 

Overview on Is Vivala Scam

Vivala Shop is an online website influenced by the pop art style. The website has a fantastic collection of tees, accessories, and pop art exhibition videos. If you are a fan of pop art styles, you can chase your fashion by exploring this website. Do you want to know about their collection? If yes, then please check the list below.

  • La Art Shop
  • Pop Show videos
  • Sweats
  • Gift Cards
  • Tees
  • Accessories
  • Athletics
  • Flags

Features of Vivala shop

  • Purchase tees from https://www.vivala.us/
  • Email Address: hello@vivala.us
  • 10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, # 1101, 90024, CA
  • Phone number: The details are unavailable.
  • Is Vivala Scam? The shop looks like a scam as there are no product reviews. In addition, there are no online sites that have reviewed their products. 
  • Powered By: The Shopify.
  • Shipping Policy: We have not found any details regarding the shipping policy.
  • Return Policy: This policy is also missing.
  • Payment modes: Amex, PayPal, Gpay, Meta, Discover, Apple Pay, etc

Positive Points

  • Email and location details are mentioned.
  • The description of the clothes is appropriately mentioned.

Negative Points

  • Their customers share no opinions on any of their collections.
  • A single page on Instagram is available with no reviews.
  • All policies, like return, refund, etc., are missing from the website.

Vivala Reviews

Certain factors make our team suspicious about the authenticity of this website. There are no policies mentioned in this domain. Moreover, we have searched for reviews, but unfortunately, no reviews are available on any product on this website. Also, no online review website has shared ratings. We have found a single page on Instagram only. The page does not highlight any relevant information, and there are no relevant user comments on their posts. You should take care of scammers that can misuse your bank accounts and scam you via credit cards.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this write-up on Is Vivala Scam, we have learned that the website is not a trusted and authentic store to shop at. It is because it has a thirty-three percent trust count, which is not up to expectations. But, the life span is four years. However, you should be sure about the website’s legitimacy. Also, we have discussed some measures to check or identify how PayPal Scamming is done.

What are your ideas for this website? Please share your thoughts.

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