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Is Walabot Legit (Dec) Read Authentic Website Reviews!

Check the below mentioned blog and know one of the trending website’s offering. Also, get the idea about Is Walabot Legit or not from the below content. 

Do you want to find a stud or scan the wall using mobile software? If yes, then Walabot can provide you the same you want. Walabot is one of the most rapidly growing websites that are attracting mass traffic on a daily basis in Australia.

However, Is Walabot Legit? Well, to verify it, there are certain criteria and reviews. If you also want to know before using Walabot, its authenticity, and its commodities, the article below is best for you.

Without further ado, let’s start the blog-

Is Walabot authentic?

Authenticity matrics cover a certain number of criteria; let’s check together if this site is able to match all the criteria-

  • Location Verification: The provided address is 100% legit.
  • Domain Establishment Date: The date when it was created is 17-05-2015; that means, for more than 6 years, the site has been providing services. 
  • Reviews: Walabot Reviews are accessible.
  • Social Site Connection: Social connection is strongly active.
  • Broken Links (If any): A total of 3 non-clickable links are present.
  • Copied Content: Less than 30% of the total content has plagiarism.
  • Copied Picture: Nothing is detected.
  • Authority Holder Details: Vayyar Imaging Technology operates the business.
  • Registrar: It is Google LLC.
  • Trust-Index: It is extremely good- 93%
  • Registration ID: No available.

As we found, the site meets most of the criteria and holds an excellent trust-index; reviews and social site accounts are also available. Hence, it’s legit.

What is Walabot?

While checking ‘Is Walabot Legit’ or not, it’s been detected that the site is gaining traffic on a massive amount only in Canada. The site mainly deals with devices and accessories. With the amazing technology, the team of Walabot has created a wall scanner and a device by which people can craft custom apps.  

On the product page, each detail is given, including the information about which device is compatible with the software. If anyone visits the site, they will find an excellent rebate on every purchase. Let’s know how the client supports and services are.


  • Feedback: Several Walabot Reviews are accessible
  • Address: ‘Aero Fulfillment Services’- 6023, Union-Centre, Blvd Fairfield, OH-45014, United States.
  • Contact Number: 1-844-WALABOT (925-2268)
  • Web Link: https://walabot.com/diy
  • Email ID: support@walabot.com
  • Return Facility: According to the legal policy, 30 working days are given for the return.
  • Order Shipping Charges: The charges are estimated based on location, shipping modes, etc.
  • Shipping Duration: The duration depends on the modes of transport.
  • Refund: Data is unavailable.
  • Cancellation Facility: The details are unavailable.
  • Replacement Policy: The authority has not mentioned any details regarding exchange.
  • Guarantee: All buyers get the ‘30 Days Money Back’ guarantee.
  • Is Walabot Legit: Yes, it is authentic.
  • Payment System: Shop Pay, G Pay, PayPal.


  • An amazing wall scanner, stud detecting software are available.
  • You can custom apps using their device.
  • The rebate is provided on every product.
  • Majority of favorable reviews.
  • Products are being sold on multiple platforms.
  • Excellent trust-index.
  • Strong link with social sites.
  • The legal policy and terms are given in a PDF version.
  • A precise FAQs section is available.
  • Contact details are given with precise address data, number and email ID.


  • The shipping duration details are unavailable.
  • Exchange, refund, cancellation and shipping charges details are unknown.

Customers’ reviews on ‘Is Walabot Legit’:

Walabots products are not only being offered on their official site; several e-retail sites like Amazon also sell Walabot products. On that platform, it’s gained 4 stars rating from more than 7k purchasers. Over 65% of consumers are satisfied with their products, and however, the rest have found some difficulties with the device.

Plus, Walabot has received 4.1 stars by 11K+ buyers. Again checking the social site , we saw its account is followed by 26K+ netizens. On other social sites like YouTube, multiple videos show how the device works. Besides, you must read the tricks to get money on PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Walabot Legit? Yes, it is legit because of the excellent trust-index, strong connection with social media, and the majority of positive reviews. Howsoever, some comments are also unfavorable since it can be declared that Walabot is legit. Still, buyers need to check the reviews before buying to understand the product’s pros and cons. Also, know how to receive back money on credit card scams. Is this ‘Walabot’ article useful? Please mention below.

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