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Is Walnutrading com Legit [Feb] Get Best Reviews Here!

Is Walnutrading com Legit [Feb] Get Best Reviews Here! -> Stop getting attracted by the prices of products given on sites. Read our review post and allow yourself from legit looking scam sites selling expensive electronic items.

Do you keep on looking for different websites from where you can buy branded PlayStation? Well, you will find a plethora of websites selling electronic items but make sure the website you pick to shop from is a genuine site. 

We are here to help you by reviewing one such site. Will we ensure you get the final answer to the question-Is Walnutrading com Legit

This web site seems to be a great place from where you can buy any electronic items. The most highlighting thing about the website is the prices their offering for branded products. This is the reason why people from the United States are willing to find the truth about the site. So, we will help our readers to find out if they can rely on this website. We will check all the legitimacy points, find out customer reviews and give you appropriate recommendations. 

Is Walnutrading com Legit? 

To find out if the website selling eye-popping products is trusted or not, we do an in-depth analysis. We come across several checkpoints to ensure that our unbiased review helps you make a wise decision about buying costly products online. 

When we went across this website, we come to know several points indicating suspicion regarding the website. 

The age of this website is only two months, but if you will look at the about us page, it shows that the website was initiated in 2008. Furthermore, to find Is Walnutrading com Legit or not, we check customer reviews and found many negative reviews. There were some positive reviews on Trustpilot but looking at overall reviews where people have straight away called the website a big scam; we also consider it a doubtful site. 

What is walnutrading.com?

You must have gone through many online sites that claim to sell branded and quality products at a reasonable price. Can these sites be trusted? I bet we can’t trust these sites. 

Talking about Walnutrading.com, we tried to find out all the vital details of the website with Walnutrading com Reviews help. 

We know that this website is selling electronic products like cameras, gaming consoles, laptops, and many other useful electronic branded items. 

All the products sold on the website come with a considerable discount and money-back guarantee. 

Let’s find out details about the shipping and return policy below.


  • Url: 
  • Products: cameras, gaming consoles, ps5, etc
  • Shipping: 3 to 6 business days
  • Phone No: 818-850-0613
  • Email : ask@walnutrading.com
  • Office address.: Sand Canyon Ave; 15642; Irvine; 5425- Cali.


  • The products on the web site seem to be branded
  • The heavy discount is given on each product 

Cons of buying from walnutrading.com

  • Most of the reviews collected are negative.
  • This website does not have any social media presence.
  • Payment can be made only through cryptocurrency. 

Walnutrading com Reviews

We found that many individuals from the United States have commented on this website. We collected some positive reviews for the website, but negative reviews for the website outweigh the positive reviews. 

Most customers say that a website is a big scam, and they never received the product ordered in 2020. The website is newly registered, and lack of social media presence is another point that raises a question like- Is Walnutrading com Legit

 The website is selling electronic items, and the mode of payment accepted is the only cryptocurrency. So, you are not recommended to buy anything from this newly built and suspicious-looking site.  

Final verdict

We have done a careful analysis of this website. We found that the website age is less than 2 months. Also, we came across negative customer reviews. We found some positive reviews but can ignore them because the negative reviews state the website is fishy.

So, we are confident that the website is suspicious and cannot be trusted to buy Sach expensive electronic items like DSLR, ps5, or any other computer-related stuff. If you search for electronic items, look for some trusted website that has received positive customer reviews. 

If you ask- Is Walnutrading com Legit? We will say No, it seems to be a scam. 

Have you ever been trapped by any scam site? If so, please share your experience with us in the comments section below. 

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