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Is Woodwelt Legit {Sept 2020} Reviews For Your Assistance

Is Woodwelt Legit {Sept 2020} Reviews For Your Assistance -> The portal provides a massive range of watch collections for men and women made out of nature and woods.

Are you thinking of purchasing a new timepiece or watch for yourself or a loved one? Still, wondering Is Woodwelt Legit or not? Well, you landed the right place for knowing all about the portal. 

It is an online website created mainly for crafted wooden watches for both men and women.

The company appears to be based in the United State from its address it offers for its returns.

There are many reviews available about the portal; still, there appear endless doubts about it. Read our content till the end to know more.

Is Woodwelt Legit a webspace shop or not? 

Well, before concussing onto that, specific parameters need to be evaluated. If it provides any contact details, accepts returns, has any social media presence, or any online reviews own a safe payment gateway, etc.

Well, amongst the listed things, everything appears well and is there except its social media presence. It does have certain Woodwelt Reviews, but nowhere was anything found in terms of complaints or quality issues. Many portals have claimed it as real as well.

We cannot assure it, but it does look like a legit from such facts.

What is Woodwelt? 

The portal claims to be in existence since 2017 and specialize in dealing and making watches from the beauty of nature. 

The unisex watches are a blend of technology and nature and are made entirely out of woods of different varieties. Wooden watches are very much in trend, especially in the United State.

The portal does have Woodwelt Reviews online though nothing much is revealed except its real presence from those. So a detailed look into the information is needed. 

Specifications about Woodwelt:

  • Type of Website: It deals in providing unisex watches made from a variety of woods and well designed and crafted by the experts.
  • URL: https://www.woodwelt.com
  • Address: WoodWelt, 1550 W Evans ave. Unit C, Denver CO, 80223
  • Phone line: Not available
  • Email ID: support@woodwelt.com
  • Shipping cost: It charges shipping but also has a free shipping offer over orders of $ 50 and above.
  • Payment mode: It accepts all sorts of cards via online payment.
  • Refund and Return: It accepts returns within 30 days and initiates its refund post evaluation.

Pros of shopping from Woodwelt:

  • The website offers a range of unisex watches made exclusively from woods.
  • The portal does have free shipping over a cap of $ 50 order.
  • It also has a 30 days return policy for the purchased products.
  • It even accepts exchange on watches upon reaching them via email for details.

Cons of shopping from Woodwelt:

  • The brand does not appear to be very well recognised and might in comparison to several other brands available as established ones.
  • Nothing much can be assured about its guarantee warranty policies.
  • The collection appears limited, although the entire range is made based on nature.
  • It does not have a firm base among customers or its followers and lacks any social media presence.
  • The portal does not pay return shipping.

What are the customer opinions about Woodwelt? 

The are a few limited reviews available online that reveal the consumers saying about the brand. It appears to be of durable quality and looks entirely made up of woods of different kinds.

The big question-Is Woodwelt Legit or not? Does get some clarity that the portal is real and not like a pure scam thing run by several other portals. Because it has all contact details and reviews that give it presence and assurance. 

Rest quality or other complaints issues were not found as of now. But knowing more is always recommended to be safe before investing.

Final verdict

The portal offers an exclusive collection of unisex watches for men and women made from the variety of woods. The design of the watches and quality looks good as per the pricing offered.

However, in detail, assurance about the quality or battery life or anything specific could not be found anywhere. But it appears that the portal seems genuine in terms of reviews. 

Still, we suggest looking out for more reviews or reaching out to the portal on its contact details to assure that the company will be reachable if something goes wrong.

Taking preventive measures beforehand is always best rather than regretting later. Do share your valuable feedback below about the portal if you have any personal experiences. We would be happy to know about it. Thank you for reading our article.

0 thoughts on “Is Woodwelt Legit {Sept 2020} Reviews For Your Assistance

    1. The phone line goes to an answering service and no one returns your calls so…Lmao! So far my experience is a scam and I’m filing a dispute with my credit card company for fraudulent charges.

  1. The company associated with Woodwelt watches is SAI consultants and there address is 2 Lemoyne Dr #101, Lemoyne, PA 17043 phone number is (717) 763-0629. The name and phone number associated with them on my credit card statement is Zack Fleeker ‭(267) 471-9476‬
    Ambler, PA. No response of course!

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