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Is Woodwelt Watch Legit {August} Read The Full Review!

Is Woodwelt Watch Legit {August} Read The Full Review! >> The article is having information regarding a website that makes wooden wristwatches.

A wristwatch is now a style statement; people tend to wear a wristwatch that matches their outfits. It shows how important it is to maintain and carry the persona nowadays. In this article, we will discuss the woodwelt watch and clear the confusion of whether – Is Woodwelt Watch Legit or not?

The product is made in the United States; you will also find several other wristwatches of different designs. One of the everyday things that we see in today’s youth is the style and the way of wearing. The taste has now changed, and people want to look more presentable.

Nowadays, everyone wants to be like their favorite stars, and that is the reason why low-cost designer watches are famous. So, let’s discuss Woodwelt Watch Reviews.

 Is Woodwelt Watch Legit?

Buyers want to know about its legitimacy and whether it Is Woodwelt Watch Legit or not because they are very concerned about the beautifully designed wristwatches. As per our research and analysis, there are only limited reviews are available about the website. The company is making several designer range wristwatches with wooden finish. 

The website is more than two years old. It signifies that the site is legit, and you may refer to this site for purchasing. The website is making a quality product and no complaint yet detected. The wristwatches made by this company are for both men and women, you can also buy a unisex watch which is on-trend in the United States.The dial is beautifully printed, and the chain band is adjustable as per the wrist. 

Therefore it solves – Is Woodwelt Watch Legit?

What is Woodwelt?

Woodwelt.com is a website that sells unique wristwatches; every product is given a wooden look. The company only makes analog watches, they have varieties of design but with the same feel of the wood look. Casual, chronological, multi-dial are some of the ranges.

The company was started in 2017, all the watches are hand-made, they also participates in the noble cause of planting trees; with the purchase of each merchandise, the company donates $1 for planting trees. You can also follow the Woodwelt on their social media profile to get all the latest notifications and sales.

On purchasing the items over $50, the buyer will get a free shipping option from the company’s side.


  • Email – support@woodwelt.com
  • Physical Address – WoodWelt, 1550 W Evans Ave. Unit C, Denver CO, 80223.
  • The online payment option is available; you can pay online with Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and JCB, and many more.
  • Dispatch – No information regarding dispatch time
  • Shipping – It will take around 3-4 weeks to arrive at the destination
  • Shipping Charges – Free for all over $50, but below that, $4.95 be a minimum charge.

Pros of Woodwelt.com

  • The product is well finished and carved to give a wooden touch.
  • All the watches available on this website are wooden only.
  • If a consumer purchases the product from Woodwelt.com, he will get a 30-day return and exchange time.
  • The company claims a satisfaction guarantee or full amount refund on cancellation, which is a good deal.
  • They made several designer’s wristwatches according to the outfit.

Cons of Woodwelt.com

  • Limited audience and sometimes does puzzle whether it Is Woodwelt Watch Legit or not.
  • There is no such warranty-guarantee card is mentioned as a proof.
  • The company will not pay the return shipment if the customer returns the product.
  • Availability of only dial watch, the company does not make digital hand watch.

What are the customers saying about the website?

The website is not new and offering its services for more than a year; people received their deliveries, which ensure its legitimacy. But during our research, we found limited Woodwelt Watch Reviews; we have not found any studies that talk about its quality, mechanism, and after user experience.


According to our analysis, the website has good trustworthy score, which ensures its legitimacy, but the social media presence is minimal. Maybe that is the reason for its low popularity. So, if a buyer wants to buy this product, they can have it, but before that, do confirm about its battery life and other specifications.

Suppose you have any experience of this watch, which can give a more transparent view so that we can nullify whether it Is Woodwelt Watch Legit

Please share your thoughts upon it in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Is Woodwelt Watch Legit {August} Read The Full Review!

  1. It’s been over nine weeks. They said part of my original order was not in stock and offered replacements they said were in stock in Denver. Said it would ship out right away. They still send messages asking for patience, but it has run out.

  2. I ordered 4 watches in mid August and after 4 weeks I was notified that one of 4 watches was no longer available due to low inventory, at that point they offered me alternative bracelet or sunglasses, I selected the sunglasses and two weeks after they informed me that the sunglasses were out of stock and issued $23.00 credit and a replacement watch of their selection not mine and said my order was in the queue and a top priority and that I would receive shipping information soon! That was 4 weeks ago and nothing. It been over 3 months since I placed and paid in full for the watches and I haven’t received the order or any confirmation. The watches I ordered where selected for gifts to my three sons and one for me, to be gifted in October, at the time of my order it seemed that 60 days would be more than adequate time line to receive the watches, now I’m hoping to receive them by the holidays, however, I’m not counting on it. If I don’t receive a response in the next 3 days I’m demanding a refund and giving up on woodwelt.

  3. Did you ever receive a response or the watches? I had the exact same experience, but to add insult to injury i kept getting emails letting me in on “final” sale of remaining inventory which included the watch they had told me was out of stock and had caused the delay in the first place. Now i got a response to my latest query where i have to fill out a form and choose either replacements or refund of the entire order, but its not clear what replacements i would get: the original choices or watches of their own choosing (the non-sellers?). Could it be they are a legitimate company and just incompetent? I ordered august 29th and never received a single watch out of 3 ordered. I’m going to request refund at this point.

  4. I am still waiting. They have changed the order three times saying that what I ordered is no longer in stock and offering products they say are in stock. They promise they will ship by the end of next week. I am beginning to believe they are a scam and never intend to fulfill an order. I have doubts that I will obtain a refund. I think they hold onto money for as long as they can. It’s been three months. Think of all the interest they can make over three months with everyone’s money.

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