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Is www.1matching.com legit or SCAM? [ REVIEW 2022]

Is www.1matching.com legit or SCAM?: This blog mentioned below on is www.1matching.com Professional Top-Notch Matchmaking  Legit or not, will help you solve your queries related to this online dating  portal. Stay tuned with us.

About 1matching.com

https://www.1matching.com/ consists of a team of professionals that includes dating coaches, relationship experts, and qualified psychologists who help you in every aspect of your search for a long-term and healthy relationship. Their top-notch matchmaking approach is based on focusing on the science behind creating and developing a successful relationship.

Most online dating platforms simply show you profiles of candidates and leave you to establish a connection on your own.  They choose quantity over quality.  They show you as many profiles as possible and hope you can figure it out yourself.  This approach, while fun and exciting initially, can quickly leave you lost and confused and wondering why you can’t establish a meaningful connection.  As a result, you quickly burn out and give up on trying to find the perfect match.

There’s a big difference between dating and being in a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Sure, dating can be fun.  Meeting new people for the first time, especially potential partners, is exciting and even a little bit scary. Going on dates is a little like unraveling a mystery as you find out about a person and try to figure out if they would be a good long-term match.  Those feelings of excitement an sustain you for a short period of time.  But they don’t last in the long run.

  • The domain 1matching.com is quite new and was registered in 2021.
  • The Domain Rating already 9 and grows rapidly, thanking to its unique content, mainly  about Psychology and Relations subject.
  • There is Alexa rating on this website.
  • The name and contact information of the owner is partially mentioned on pages: Team/ Contacts
  • There are social media logos found on the website.
  • There are already 1matching.com Reviews even the website is young but generally shows good reputation.  All Reviews are available on the web site as well as on other resources.
  • The contact number is mentioned on the home page of the website.
  • The email id is also mentioned in the contact information.
  • The price of Professional Matchmaking Program starts 5000 usd including 10 sessions with Certified Psychologist
  • There are other Matchmaking packages available
  • Blog with unique content which includes practical advice on building up relationship is available for everyone
  • The Company operates all over USA, including Los Angeles https://www.1matching.com/matchmaker-los-angeles/ , Miami, Chicago and other States.

Benefits of using 1matching.com

The team of dating and relationship experts, including relationship psychologists strives to assist seekers in making the right decisions and finding their best partners by creating the basics of a happy relationship.

Here is how they can reach it:

  1. They coach and consult customers in a team with certified relationship psychologists to help you detect and solve their inner issues. This is done to guide them in the right direction.  It is crucial to understand why your past relationships failed and change those destructive patterns.
  2. They help select matches. All profiles are pre-screened and unique. You do not pick random profiles from a bunch of those. They help you pick the most suitable ones. The team emphasizes quality over quantity.
  3. They support you during the overall process as long as it is necessary for the success of your relationship.

Thanks to professional guidance and coaching, you can create a basis for your future relationships. Endless frustrations without any significant results are left behind.

What exactly 1matching.com  offers and why is it unique?

1matching.com is the only International Dating/ Matchmaking company which offers not just selection of te matches but helps it’s customers to build up relations with each other on early and later stages of it’s growth. Think this way: If the person requests help of Matchmakers to find a match- that means the person is unlucky to build a strong, long lasting relations.

The point is not to find a match ( which is actually not that difficult as many people think) but to learn hoe to build up relations with that match and to hold it!

Each customer is provided with a relationship psychologist, as well as a certified counselor who help you understand yourself, what you really want and need, and those of the opposite gender. Professional coaches will navigate you during the early dating stages and help you avoid frustrations and mistakes. You will establish meaningful connections with the opposite gender.

Our company’s CEO discovered a long time ago that couples often break off relationships when they aren’t built on a strong foundation.  By researching, watching, and analyzing hundreds of couples, she realized that many people just didn’t have the skills or knowledge to actually develop and grow a healthy relationship.

Armed with this research, she developed a system designed to transcend the dating experiences that most people have.

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