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Is Yeager Store Scam or Legit {Feb 2023} Honest Reviews!

The below article will give you the answer to the question, Is Yeager Store Scam or Legit, by grabbing all the information.

Do you use an online shopping portal for buying daily needs? Are you searching for a place where you can get a trimmer blade, cleaning spray, tooth repair granules, and other essential commodities under one roof? If your answers are yes, we have incredible news for you.

Especially, if you are a native of the United States, you can check out Yeager’s online shopping website. But first, we need to find the answer to the question- Is Yeager Store Scam or Legit

Check out the authenticity of the Yeager store:

  • The domain creation date is 5th January 2023. The domain is only one month and nine days old.
  • The domain is still not updated.
  • 5th January 2024 is the domain expiration date.
  • The trust index of the Yeager online shopping portal is only 26.6%.
  • Though the website is HTTPS protected, it is not a trustable sign.
  • The proximity to suspicious websites is 28 out of 100, and the spam score is 3%.
  • This online shopping website lacks Yeager Store Reviews, and they are not active on any social media platforms.
  • Yeager store’s percentage of popularity is horrible, 0%.
  • One good point is that the website is not detected by any blacklist engine. 
  • The phishing score of the website is 37%. But the malware score of the website is again horrible, 64%.
  • As a threat profile, the Yeager store received a 67% score out of 100.
  • After analyzing the entire website, we could not find the owner’s details.

What is Yeager Store?

The Yeager store is an online-based shopping portal where you can get various essential commodities under one roof. Yeager store provides Santa Claus masks, scar vanishing cream, string lights, security door locks, all-purpose cleaning purposes, and many more. 

But now the question is- Is Yeager Store Scam or Legit? Before shopping on this website, we need to learn about the legitimacy of Yeager Store. So, please keep reading the article. 

Specifications of Yeager Store:

  • To visit the official website of Yeager Store, you need to click on the URL link- https://yeager.store/.
  • You can only contact them via email address service@support24h.store. There are no contact details available. 
  • You cannot find Yeager Store on any active social media sites.
  • The official address of Yeager Store is- 297 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ, United Kingdom. But it is not the returning address.
  • The company name is- Supic Company Limited. 12550956 is the company number.
  • Usually, they take 7 to 14 business days for shipping.
  • Refund and Return policies are available for the customers.
  • Yeager Store accepts PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Card, and Credit Card. 

Is Yeager Store Scam or Legit? Check out the pros and cons:

Pros Section-

  • Free shipping is available if you order more than $40.
  • They are providing a great discount on some of their products. 
  • Express shipping and VIP shipping are also available at Yeager Store.
  • Yeager Store claimed that your payment security is 100% safe with them. 

Cons Section-

  • The website lacks customer reviews, and the website is new.
  • The owner’s details are missing from the website, and also there are no contact numbers available.
  • Yeager Store is not responsible if any third-party link steals your data.
  • No social media logos are stated on the website of Yeager Store. 

Yeager Store Reviews:

Unfortunately, we could not find a single review of Yeager Store on the internet. We all know that customer reviews play a vital role in an online-based shopping portal. But lacking customer reviews is a negative side of a website. 

After searching other online portals, we have realized that Yeager Store is a trustworthy website for shopping. But if you still choose to buy from Yeager Store, do it at your own risk. It is our topmost priority to warn our readers about how to detect a paypal scam


There are many negative sides to Yeager Store. The trust score is horrible, the website lacks customer reviews, the owner’s details are missing, and many more. We always tell our readers to choose reliable shopping portals for buying string lights.

Are you still going to buy from Yeager Store? Please comment, and don’t forget to learn- how to be safe from credit card scams

Is Yeager Store Scam or Legit– FAQs:

Q.1 Does Yeager Store sell Automotive LED Interior Light?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 What is Yeager Store’s email address?

Ans. service@support24h.store.

Q.3 What are the minimum days of shipping?

Ans. 3 days.

Q.4 Is our data safe with Yeager Store?

Ans. No.

Q.5 What is Yeager Store’s URL link?

Ans. https://yeager.store/.

Q.6 What is the spam score of Yeager Store?

Ans. 3%.

Q.7 Is Yeager Store available on social media?

Ans. No. 

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