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Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam (July) Check The Review Here!

Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam (July) Check The Review Here! >> The guide shares details about the wristwatch and its legitimacy to help consumers make the right buying decision.    

Do you want to grab the designer wristwatch for free? Are you looking for a timepiece that is innovatively designed? Then, you must consider checking this post.

The website deals in various free watches, of which the trending model is the Zentag Watch. Zentag Dust Watch is the metal wristwatch. However, it lacks the shopper’s attention, and everyone wants to know Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam.

The watch is available for sale on the official website of outerwatches.com, and it offers shipping across India, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  

Is Zentag Dust Watch Legit?

After evaluating the official website and online, we found many loopholes that make the product questionable and suspicious. So let us check some of these loopholes. 

  • The website selling the product is less than six months old, as the domain was registered on 5th April 2021 and will expire on 5th April, 2022.
  • The digital trust rating of the store selling Zentag Dust Watch has a poor rating of 1%, and it signifies that the store is not reliable for shopping the Zentag Dust Watch.
  • The trust rank of the seller’s website is also very low, which is 0.8/100.
  • There are no reviews available, and hence consumers want to know Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam or legit to buy.  
  • The product description lacks many crucial details.
  • There is no information about the quality, performance, and mechanism of the wristwatch. 
  • There are hidden charges and shipping fees applicable for the product.  
  • The product is not available at any other ecommerce website other than outerwatches.com. 
  • There is no social media presence of the product and the seller’s website.

These are the loopholes we found while evaluating the product, and it creates suspicion in the buyer’s mind. 

What is Zentag Dust Watch

Zentag Dust Watch is the newly launched wristwatch that is available for free on the website of outerwatches.com. The website sells the wristwatch, and it is available for free with only a shipping cost. Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam or legit to buy is the question consumers are asking. 

Consumers would learn about the shipping cost during the checkout process. The legitimacy of the product is questionable.  

The product is designed with metal featuring dial details, markers, and black hands. The watch’s strap is made of black steel material, and the shape of the watch is round. The dial of the watch is protected by hardened glass material. The watch is battery powered comes built-in. 

Specifications of the Watch

  • Type – Wrist Watch
  • Pricing – $0.00 excluding shipping costs. So, Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam or Legit?
  • Size of Case – 40mm
  • Thickness – 8mm
  • Dial – Black Colour
  • Shape – Round
  • Strap Material – Black Stainless Steel Mesh Material
  • Dial Detailing – Black Markers and Hands
  • Is Strap Interchangeable – Yes
  • Water Resistance – IP64
  • Glass – Hardened Glass Protection
  • Movement – Battery Powered Two Hands Movement    
  • Return and Refund – Return is applicable for 30 days from the delivery date, and refund includes the shipping costs. 

Pros of Zentag Dust Watch 

Before the conclusion on the Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam or legit, let us learn about some benefits. 

  • Free wristwatch with only shipping cost 
  • Premium dial detailing and movement
  • Water-resistant up to IP64
  • Hardened glass protection for the dial
  • Strap is interchangeable 
  • Stainless steel mesh strap
  • Black and bold markers and hands
  • Brushed black stainless steel case

Cons of Zentag Dust Watch 

  • There are hidden charges in the form of shipping cost 
  • It lacks vital details and descriptions
  • No reviews, feedbacks, or testimonials are available 

Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam – What Customers Have to Say?

After evaluating the product thoroughly online, we found no testimonials, feedbacks, and reviews. Since the website selling the product is new and less than six months, it has not grabbed worldwide buyers’ attention. So, you won’t find any details, reviews, or feedback from consumers. 

So, the product’s legitimacy is questionable, and buying the product without proper research and analysis means risking your money. Buyers must equip themselves with the tips to identify the scam products and check here the product’s legitimacy.  

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, consumers found the answer to Is Zentag Dust Watch Scam? The product is questionable and demands deep research and analysis before buying. Consumers must review the product carefully and check all possible details to avoid online scams. 

Despite calling it a free watch, there is a hidden shipping cost disclosed on the checkout page. So, you can’t consider it a free watch. Besides, many loopholes make it dubious, and research is necessary before buying it to avoid possible online scams. 

Are you using the Zentag Dust Watch? Then, be the first one to provide your opinion on the wristwatch in the comments section.  

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