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Is Zoeta Store Legit (Sep 2020) Explore its Reviews.

Is Zoeta Store Legit (Sep 2020) Explore its Reviews. >> Do you also want many beautifully designed paintings for your houses at a low price, then this article will provide all the information from where to buy them?

Do you also love to decorate your house or offices with beautiful paintings on different types of products, but cannot find that? No problem, we have brought a new organization in front of you which is working to make beautiful paintings on multiple types of products. Zoeta Store.com is once such a website which works on the same. In this article, you will go through the Zoeta Store Reviews.

This company is of the United StatesWe will provide all the details of this website regarding its shipping, return, refund, prices, and other information.

As this website is not very popular and old, many customers question this website, Is Zoeta Store Legit? So it can be unsafe to use it without collecting all the information on this website.

But if you read this article, you will get all the details of this website you are searching for and the answer for, Is Zoeta Store Legit?

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Is Zoeta Store Legit?

Since this Zoeta store domain is not very old, so there is no information available on the internet about this website.

Firstly, the contact information, which is one of the main details which should be provided by every company, this website has not offered its complete contact information. There is only one email id provided on the customer care center. If you have to contact them for any query, you have to text them. This also raises a doubt based on the safety of the site, Is Zoeta Store Legit?

Also, the company has posted a notice regarding the return policy of the product. If a customer buyer wants to return his/her item because of any reason, you will be responsible for shipping it back to the company hub. Also, they will not be liable for any loss of your product while you sent it back.

The cancellation period is also shallow; if you want to cancel your order, you have to contact them within two hours, placing it. Otherwise, it will be shipped to the address you provided to them.

There are no Zoeta Store Reviews found on the website. If you see any customer experience before purchasing products from this website, you will be unable to do that because the website authorities have not posted their customer reviews. Or it may be the reason that this site had a low number of sales.

So, the above information clearly states that this website is a scam organization.

What is Zoeta Store.com

Zoeta Store.com is an online shopping organization that deals with beautiful paintings designed on different types of products.

The company ships the products almost all over the world from the United States. But there are different delivery process and time. So, you check it from the webpage. The other information is given below.

We have mentioned all the information about this store to give you clarity about Is Zoeta Store Legit?

Specifications of Zoeta Store.com:

  • Site Type: e-commerce seller.
  • Deals with: different types of paintings designed on multiple products.
  • Customer care number: no customer care number avaible.
  • Mail address: support@zoeta.com
  • Shipping policy: ships all over the world from the United States.
  • Return policy: you have contacted them within14 days of the delivery and ship the product to the desired location provided by them.
  • Refund policy: no information was found for the refund policy.
  • Cancellation period: cancel request accepted within 2 hours of ordering.
  • Company address: not available.
  • Payment methods supported: VISA, Master Card, JCB

Pros of Zoeta Store.com:

  • There are many varieties of paintings available.
  • The products are delivered all over the world.
  • The company is providing high discounts on their products

Cons of Zoeta Store.com:

  • No customer care number is provided.
  • The buyer is responsible for returning and shipping the product back.
  • Zoeta Store Reviews are not found on the website

Customer Reviews of Zoeta Store.com:

We have not found any customer reviews on the website. Also, the rating of this site is deficient. 

Many people purchased products from this site, but they were completely unhappy with these paintings. Many customers said that the products do not worth the price at which they bought it.

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Final Verdict:

With this information about Zoeta Store, we have given you the answer to your question: Is Zoeta Store Legit?

So, you should not trust this website because it’s just a scam.

10 thoughts on “Is Zoeta Store Legit (Sep 2020) Explore its Reviews.

  1. Scam! They offered and are still offering the camping chairs. I ordered 2 of them and never received them. Also, when I went to check on them and when they would ship, there was no way to contact them. I lost $40. I even reported them on Facebook, but apparently no action was taken. Beware.

  2. I’ve ordered 8 of the swinging chairs 5 days ago. The website claims they will ship within 24 hours of payment from Texas. I have yet to get any type of email confirmation or response from their support. I’ve emailed them twice, and sent a request through their contact page on the website.
    Very frustrating.

    1. I have ordered two of your luxury camping chairs back in Aug in never received either one either refund me or send e my stuff


    I received this message when I order

    ORDER P08066224
    Thank you for your purchase!
    Hi Joe A, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

    View your order
    or Visit our store

  4. Have been emailing and sending messages thru any means I could find. One response I would have the chair at the end of the month. NOPE! I only bought one chair “just in case”. Not much known about these pathetic weasels. I am filing a complaint with anyone that will listen!

  5. Ordered 2 chairs from them back in June and still nothing also contacted customer support many times with no response this site is a scam so if you want to lose your money then buy from them because you will never receive your product . I have contacted the BBB as well as the Federal trade commission and still nothing and about to contact some friends of mine and have there site shut down . It will cost them more to set up new site then what they stole from me

  6. I ordered 2 chairs on November 25 and today, December 18th, they still haven’t arrived. I tried contacting them several times with no response! This is a scam!

  7. I’ve been going through the same thing, I ordered my chairs in November 2020 and I haven’t been able to contact Anyone. I want my money back.

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