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IT Consulting for Your Company

Change is a constant thing in business. Adaptation needs are constantly evolving, but the answers are not always as expected. However, this imperative of transformation has increased with the global COVID-19 pandemic and today is structured around three axes: 

  • the dematerialisation of resources, 
  • staff mobility 
  • remote work.

Your tools and processes today will be obsolete soon. There’s no doubt that anticipation is essential so as not to miss the greatest opportunities. One IT consulting firm is able to solve a lot of issues quickly. Such companies ensure your competitiveness in the market by providing you with IT consulting experts. They will offer you solutions to improve your information system and to best advise you on the direction of it.

Computer assistance to accompany your in the digital activity

Digital transformation is not about one step, it’s about constant development. Only experts are able to accompany the decisive turns for continuous adaptability.

IT consulting firms, like Intellectsoft, guide you in the choice of solutions that can best serve your business. To do this, they will analyse your information system in all its aspects in order to define your IT assistance needs. The possibilities are quite vast, including: 

  • provision of additional resources,
  • deployment of management solutions, 
  • outsourcing.

IT consulting is the result of an exhaustive study that takes into account all your requirements in terms of organisation, management and cost.

How to improve the security procedures of hybrid infrastructure?

The sudden pressure on remote work models has generated a series of new challenges, with IT teams having turned to cloud solutions to launch the access platforms necessary for business continuity in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, faced with the general rush generated by the need to operationalize workers supposed to collaborate and launch new digital services for customers and partners, safety issues have often been thrown back. 

However, as telework seems to play a key role in how organisations will animate their workforce as part of their daily tasks, it is now necessary to optimise the security guidelines and procedures of the company with a hybrid infrastructure.

In this new hybrid world, organisations must not forget anything, from server and data centre security to network security, from data through the GDPR to hybrid cloud security. Although the public cloud has a strengthened security infrastructure, organisations will systematically have to ensure that they understand where their responsibilities begin and end and what the security issues are.

The specificities of the consulting 

IT consulting requires professionals who keep up to date with the latest technologies in the field. This includes both the skills and the equipment used. You must therefore know how to renew yourself regularly to stay up to date.

From intellectual service to technical intervention, computer consulting brings together many activities. It is important to be able to offer real expertise to clients, which implies a certain degree of specialisation in its part.

The IT consulting company will therefore have to divide its offer into several types of services:

  • Intellectual advice, definition of a strategy and the computer park to be created;
  • Physical installation of computer stations and a network, maintenance of equipment;
  • Software installation, software packages, user training, technical support;
  • Creation and maintenance of a server;
  • Security, encryption, adapted protection solutions.

To reduce their costs and improve their performance, most companies are turning to Internet services. However, the usage of these services exposes organizations to cyberattacks. 

In order to deal with this phenomenon, it is therefore necessary to set up an effective security system. We invite you to discover our advice to effectively protect your information system. Would you like to be accompanied by a company that is an expert in cybersecurity? Then you should work with the best IT security consulting services.

Digital expert consultants advise you on better governance of your information system in order to respond to your organizational cybersecurity issues.

Possible areas of advice:

  • Study the risks and impacts of your sector of activity;
  • Management of the criticality of your data in relation to your customers;
  • Drafting of security policy and ensuring its applicability .

What is computer security in the modern world?

Computer security (also called information system security) is an effective solution against cyberattacks. It brings together all the human, technical, organizational and legal devices making it possible to secure the use of any technological support. Now that you know what the notion of computer security refers to, now discover the risks to which companies that use Internet services are exposed.

So if you need a computer security consulting agency, contact IT teams. Some risks related to the usage of internet or computer services

IT security and cybersecurity consulting can be extremely dangerous for your business! 

IT specialists eliminate these risks in order to secure your business. The use of Internet services without an effective security system can lead to the vulnerability of the company’s information system. This vulnerability therefore exposes the company to the following risks:

  • Fraudulent access to the information system, it means access to an information system when a user gets access to all or part of the system without authorization.
  • Fraudulent maintenance in an information system. This offense is observed when an individual stays in the system for a time going beyond the time granted to him/her.
  • The attack on the integrity of the information system. It is the fact of causing a disturbance of the functioning of an information system by the introduction, transmission, modification, deletion, alteration of data.

Computer expenses are an investment

As for the budget to be devoted to it, stop thinking about your technological expenses as a cost. Consider technology purchases and replacements as an investment. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to get closer with the digital sphere, it always means more customer engagement! You will be able to develop a website for your business and increase the profitability. 

Never forget that losing your data and productivity would cost much more! If you ever have any questions about this, IT teams can help you see more clearly with your IT tools.

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