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Itch.IO Squid Game (October 2021) Know What It Is Here!

The guide is to share important facts and details about the new Itch.IO Squid Game for worldwide players.

Squid Game is a popular game inspired by the famous Netflix thriller show Squid Game. Players have to compete with the crowd at different game levels to see if they have the skills required to survive. 

With such increasing popularity of the game in Canada and the United States, many developers have come forth with their version of Squid Game on an open marketplace called Itch.IO.   

The Squid Games on Itch.IO have the same theme and gameplay, but different developers develop them. So, here is a brief guide on Itch.IO Squid Game which you must read before playing it.

Introducing The Squid Game

Squid Game is a virtual game based on the famous Korean Show, Squid Game, broadcasted on Netflix. The game has unique gameplay where players have to take up a race with the crowd and win it without getting killed.

The game starts with a race where players have to compete with others. The race starts when the green light is turned on, and players have to halt when the light turns red. If any movement is detected when the light is red, the player gets eliminated. 

So, players need to be attentive and survive until reaching the other side of the game. 

What is Itch.IO Squid Game?

Itch.IO is the open marketplace where independent game developers launch their video games for worldwide gamers. The marketplace allows game developers to release their game and sell it to others for money. 

The developer has the right to fix an amount for the game, run sales and design pages for the marketplace. There is no need for any approval, likes or votes to sell your content on the platform. Since the original Squid Game is getting quite popular worldwide, many developers have come forth with their game version on Itch.IO. So, it is named Itch.IO Squid Game which has the same theme, gameplay and concept as the original Squid Game. 

Players can visit the official website of Itch.IO and check the available versions of Squid Game before they get it or play online on their device. Most of the games are inspired by the original Squid Game with the same concept of racing with the crowd and seeing if they have what it takes to win and survive. 

How to Play the Squid Game on Itch.IO?

Players interested in playing different versions of Itch.IO Squid Game need to go to the website of Itch.IO. Players have to get the game on their respective devices to play it later, or they may run it virtually on the website to enjoy playing online. 

The platform has the option to play the Squid Game virtually on the website Itch.IO or get the game installed on their device to play it individually and independently later. The controls players have to use are “WASD” for Movement, Space to Roll and Q to celebrate the win.    


Itch.IO Squid Game is nothing but the modified version of the original Squid Game available on the open marketplace, Itch.IO. 

Do you play the Squid Game on Itch.IO? Then, please share your experiences in the comments section below. Also, we have provided you with the information only on this topic. It is advisable to go for the original version only. 

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