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Itemtracking.net Scam (Dec 2021) Read Authentic Details!

The write-up of the website Itemtracking.net Scam gives all the details about courier phishing and the information related to measure to control scamming.

Online couriers and parcels are the talk of the town, and in today’s world, we get almost all our things done with the help of courier services. But with an increase in the courier demand, there is also an increase in the scam related to the courier service. 

The internet makes it easy for scammers to trick people of the United States especially, into giving away their details. To know more about the scamming, visit Itemtracking.net Scam and get all the related details about the phishing relating to the courier scamming. 

What is the news about?

The news is about the courier service and delivery of the items where you will get a mail or an SMS from the delivery company regarding the delivery of the goods. This scam emerged during the lockdown period that gives a message which claims to have a pending courier delivery and the package could not be delivered on time due to lockdown. 

As the lockdown is over, the delivery company will try to give the package. The link Itemtracking.net Scam gives the details about courier scamming that has increased in the covid times as people had not received their package that was stopped due to the lockdown.

Essential points about the scam

  • The scammers will then ask for the customers’ details and provide you with a link.
  • As soon as the details are fed and the link is clicked, the internet banking and the credit card details get stolen.
  • The delivery fee is kept around ten to twenty rupees so that the customers can pay the nominal amount and wait for their package to arrive.

Views of people about the Itemtracking.net Scam

People have been created from the website as many of them have reported losing dollars while surfing the link. The website has received only a 5% trust score and was created on 17th December 2021. The link sent to the customers is just created to dupe the customers’ money and offer them exciting deals and various gaming equipment, but there are no such deals present when a customer visits the link provided. 

If received by any of the people of the United States, the link should be avoided, and they should refrain from clicking and reading more about Itemtracking.net ScamThe scammers use incorrect and stolen tracking numbers, which are used to scam the customers, but those numbers are already used.

The bottom line

After going through the details and the information collected from various sources, it can be confirmed that the link provided is a scam and readers should check How To Avoid A Scam. Although it can be seen that there are very few users of the website, but those who have used it have given negative reviews about the website. Do you find the news on Itemtracking.net Scam helpful? Please comment below. 

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