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Ivan Yuen Son {May} All About Famous Squash Player!

Ivan Yuen Son {May} All About Famous Squash Player!>> Are you a fan of a famous Malaysian Squash player? If yes, then read this article, which will provide you with all the information and updates.  

If you are a fan of a well known Malaysian Squash player, read this article to know about his recent circulating news.

We are going to explain to you about Ivan Yuen Son and his biography in this writing. And you will get to know why his news is grabbing a lot of attention in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and the Philippines.

Let’s discuss him in detail:

What is Squash?

Squash is a sport where a racket and ball used by players in a four-walled court. Here the small ball is a hollow rubber ball. Players are alternate strike the ball onto the surfaces of four walls in the court. Players have to hit the ball not to allow other players to play in return.

Ivan Yuen Son represents Malaysia in Men’s Squash, and he is in Professional Squash Association(PSA), holding a world ranking of 72. The racket sport squash game played as singles and doubles. There is World Squash Federation(WSF) for governing squash and is under International Olympic Committee(IOC).

About Ivan Yuen:

Ivan Yuen’s full name is Ivan Yuen Chee Wern, and he is a Malaysian professional Squash player born on September 15th 1990, in Penang. He achieved world ranking No.40 in 2017 and is a left Handed player and coached by Ajaz Azmat. Ivan lives in Kuala Lampur. Ivan Yuen Son made his first PSA appearance in 2007.

We have searched more about him and will be writing all the recent updates in the following lines.

A 30-year-old Ivan Yuen played many tournaments and achieved many titles in his career. Yuen has huge fan followers, and the player is into World’s top 40 rankings. He won three successive Malaysian Nationals titles. The country Malaysia is proud of him for his achievements. In 2020, in Pakistan, he took a title at 14th CNS International Championship.

Why Ivan Yuen Son Is In News? 

This year in April 2021, Yuen is in SRAM PSA Challenger Tour 2021. Yuen won 4 rounds in round two against Hafiz Zhafri, in quarter-finals against Siow Yee Xian, in semi-finals against Addeen Idrakie, and finals have a lengthy tie-up against Mohammed Syafiq Kamal and took first 16-14. Yuen won the 12th title of his career in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lampur, on April 12th. Fans of Ivan Yuen are excited and celebrated his victory in the United States, the United KingdomGermany, Canada, and the Philippines. Here is the link to get more details:

 Final Verdict:

After discussing Ivan Yuen Son, we found he is in the news as he is representing Malaysia Men’s Squash Tournament 2021 and has won finals. We provided all the information regarding Ivan and his successful career. Have you watched Ivan Yuen playing in the recent tournament? If yes, share your viewpoints regarding this in the comment box below.

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