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Jacqueline Mcgowan For Governor {Aug} Know More Here!

Jacqueline Mcgowan For Governor {Aug} Know More Here! >> This article will let you know about the recall election in California and one of its participating candidates.

Are you also taking part in the recall election? Do you know who Jacqueline Mcgowan is?

The United States will create the history where California voters will decide whether to remove their current governor or let him continue. Today we will look at Jacqueline Mcgowan for Governor post, her message to the people and more.

Who is Jacqueline Mcgowan?

There are 46 candidates running to replace the current governor Newsom. And one of the candidates is Napa’s resident Jacqueline Mcgowan. She was a longtime stockbroker and then self-employed at cannabis consulting and lobbying. Currently, she is running a special election for the governor post in California (Democratic Party).

What is a recall election, and when is it?

A recall election is powered by voters who sign a petition to remove an elected official from office. There are 46 candidates from a different group participating, and Jacqueline Mcgowan for Governor is trying to become next. This election will be just like other votes, but few things will be there; let us look at them.

Recall ballot has two parts:

If they want to remove Newsom(yes or no)

Next candidates list who has the potential to replace him(choose the name)

If the answer is yes, and more than 50% choose for recalling Newsom, the candidate who wins the most vote will replace him. If the answer is No, Gavin Newsom will continue. Sept 14 is Election Day, when you can register and cast a ballot.

Why are people trying to recall Newsom?

Whether Jacqueline Mcgowan for Governor post is an ideal candidate or not. Well, this will justify after the election. However, it is wrong to say that people want to replace Governor Newsom aftermath of Covid. This is because it all started back in February 2020 when corona cases were almost null. However, the way he handled the pandemic appears as a catalyst to recall effort. People suffer the highest taxes, lowest quality of life, restricting parental life. They are frustrated and do not want politicians to control every aspect of their lives, even during pandemic. Even he was too slow to reopen industries after the curve started flattening down.

What is the point of Jacqueline Mcgowan for Governor post?

McGowan declared she would try to implement as many of the changes within administrative orders as possible. However, she added she is tired of the corruption that prevents work done for people. Mcgowan is an expert in cannabis policy; she said she would work to get corrupting influences (like lobbyists) out of the state capital. In addition, in the recent interview on Wednesday, she promised to cut taxes for growers, retailers, and distributors. At the same time, she will also pressure to legalize many other sales products to revitalize a group of businessmen.


It is interesting to see whether Jacqueline Mcgowan for Governor fits this post of Election in California 2021  or people choose someone else. However, her intentions seem clear; the cannabis industry is in crisis and can no longer be ignored. It is the matter of death or life now. 

What do you think about whether Newsom will continue or not? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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