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Jason Kulpa Linkedin {May 2021} Know About Him In Detail

Jason Kulpa Linkedin {May 2021} Know About Him In Detail >> This article is based on the successful entrepreneur Jason Kulpa and his professional background. Read on the piece to learn more.

Have you heard about Jason Kulpa? Do you know who he is? Today, we will look at the Linkedin profile of Jason Kulpa, a successful entrepreneur who has several accomplishments and a great educational background. He has worked in multiple renowned companies and has had a great performance everywhere.

Jason Kulpa has become quite a sensation in the United States, and people are interested in learning further about Jason Kulpa Linkedin profile. He has an impressive linkedin profile which is quite insightful.

Who is Jason Kulpa?

Jason Kulpa is a successful entrepreneur having numerous major departures and Financial technology thought pioneer with extensive expertise building and managing two-sided digital markets, namely Allstate Insurance’s ALM, a highly unified quality marketing platform with a vertical combination (RTB).

What qualifications does he possess?

For his education, Jason attended Arizona State University and afterward Harvard Business school, both highly renowned. A list of achievements can be found on Jason Kulpa Linkedin profile. A few of his achievements are mentioned in the following points:

  1. He acquired 4 Honors: San Diego’s Most Admired CEO and San Diego’s Fastest Growing Business in 2011 and 2015 by San Diego Business Journal.
  2. He has been a part of two organizations: Young President’s Organisation YPO and Tiger 21.
  3. Jason has as many as 100 published items on several famous news and business websites and magazines like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Mashable.com, Smart Blogs, Forbes.com, Marketing Daily, etc.

 Jason Kulpa Linkedin work experience

  • Jason was the Founder and CEO of Ad Authority from 2004-2008. It’s a software-as-a-service company that runs two-sided internet marketing networks that connect buyers and sellers. ad Authority was purchased by Superfly Advertising, Inc.
  • He was also the Founder and CEO of UE.co from November 2008 to October 2019. It is a two-sided portal that connects elevated consumers and service suppliers.

What are people’s opinions about him?

Jason’s recommendation section on the profile is impressive as his clients and business partners have had a great working experience with him. Ken Potashner, the Executive Chairman of Home Bay Technologies in Jason Kulpa Linkedin profile, said that Jason is an internet marketing businessman with a lot of experience. Ad Authority, owned by Jason, is a highly productive and cost-effective resource for anyone looking to generate big fresh revenue, and he highly recommended Jason. Another colleague David Bonrouhi from Calabasas Capital said that Jason exhibits what it takes to be a genuinely outstanding CEO, a renowned manager, and an influencer. His ideas, expertise, and organizational skills combine to make him a unique business leader who has greatly influenced the power structure in the digital marketing sector.


In this article Jason Kulpa Linkedin, we learned about successful businessman Jason Kulpa and his educational history, achievements, work experience, and his peers’ opinion about him. Suppose you wish to know more about Jason Kulpa, tap the link.

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