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Jdaws Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

Jdaws Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It? >> Think twice and read about it first! Be smart shopper and know more about this store before having something from it.

Nowadays shopping has become very easy you can purchase anything at your fingertips. From any electronic device, you can search and get millions of products like household items, apparel, footwear, and several items related to kids. If you want to purchase any product, you can log in to any e-commerce website. But what if the online store from which you are purchasing is not legit?

There are many ways that one can be smart and keep ourselves safe from fake websites. If you found any website is new and not familiar, then check out its registered address and domain server. In most of the phony site, they don’t usually mention the address, and the domain server shows the standard of the website brand.

In this article, we would cover an online e-commerce store jdaws.com and based on jdaws com reviews, we will elaborate on the legitimacy of the site. Out of billions of e-commerce website, there are several websites which are fake and scamming people. It is ubiquitous that people use to attract with discounts and offers, without knowing the actual price if any site is selling the same product in less the 50% will sound fishy.

It is found that several fake websites are showing fraudulent registration of the United Stateto mislead consumers. But they are operating all scams from China.

What is jdaws.com?

It is an e-commerce website that sells products of households and electronic items. They have a wide range of products on bottles and kitchen utensils; they also have wide varieties of small portable speakers. The portable speakers are available on different colors; you can charge it with a USB cable.

The website is also giving free shipping on a purchase of any product over $69; the company is offering massive discounts on electronic products. Nowadays, the site is running a flash sale by which you can purchase any product with more than 50%. But few points indicating the trust issue over the websites and that is the images used in a site. The images used on the website is not appropriate with the product description.

The image is misguiding and not giving a clear description of the product. Another point is that they don’t have any registered address in the US, the only way you can contact them is by filling the form, and then the customer care of the company will call you for your assistance. This type of website always stays on the radar of untrustworthy websites.

People should not entertain any website if they found it new, fishy, and not promising because the fake website may scam you by sending damaged or wrong products or by not sending you any product. Customer reviews and self-rectification is always necessary.

Feature and Benefits (Pros and Cons of jdaws.com)

Pros of jdaws.com

  • The company is giving a massive discount and offers on kitchen utensils and electronic items
  • Company is having products related to sports, health and electronic items
  • You can return the product within 15 days if you think the product is not useful.
  • The company is giving free shipping if you order and place any product over $69, this offers is available at all over the US
  • The product will be ship immediately and will be received by to the customer within 3-4 days 

Cons of jdaws.com

  • The company is mentioned any registered contact address, neither any physical address nor any telephone number.
  • The company is not using its domain server which is not suitable for any e-commerce website
  • There is no fan page on any social media account which means a lack of trust
  • The only way you can contact the customer care executive by filling the query form.
  • The website is not very old, and there is no information regarding the customer’s involvement and reviews.

Exchange and return policy

  • Once the product is sold, you will not be able to return the product
  • The product will only be canceled on one condition if it is canceled before placing order
  • You can get free shipping only if your purchase bill is over $69 and it is fixed
  • At the time of return if the product is found damaged or tampered it will not be accepted and you will not get any refund
  • You can also place your order from out of the country, but you have to pay an extra charge for delivery
  • There is no cash on the delivery scheme.

Final Verdict

The website is new, and maybe that is the reason that it is not having any traffic over its web page. SSL encryption secures the transaction of the site, but they don’t have any customer base. The rest is up to you because this article is based on the unbiased review and on jdaws com reviewsavailable internet.

0 thoughts on “Jdaws Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

  1. JBL knockoff. Terrible customer service. No email confirmation. Passfeed is where payment goes to. Do not buy!!

    1. I never received the item! JDaws.com never left a legitimate tracking number, but they took my money for sure!


  2. Yep got me to, I was half asleep when I ordered sent me a very fake JBL Xtreme speaker, tried to cancel before item was shipped and received no response or tracking. A few weeks later fake item appeared, i filed a claim with PayPal and they refunded my money

  3. I ordered a dam cam kit and I paid for fast shipping to wait over 30 days to receive some dodgy made up camera that’s nothing like the front and rear dash cam kit they advertised.
    Learned harsh lesson do not use this company they scam you.

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