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Jean Knight Kids With Husband: Explore Full Wikipedia Details Along With Age, And Net Worth

In this article, we deliver Jean Knight Kids with Husband details, her Net Worthand more Wikipedia and Age information.

Who is Jean Knight? Does Jean Knight have a family? Jean Knight was a New Orleans, LouisianaUnited States born soul singer. Recently, she has died from natural causes. Her family, fans, friends, and the music world grieved for her loss. Read Jean Knight Kids with Husband article for detailed information about Jean Knight’s family details.

Jean Knight Kids with Husband 

In the wall-hanging of Jean Knight’s family inheritance, Emile Commedore views it as an essential link, ensuring the unified continuation of a legacy deeply rooted in principles and values. Dr. Emile Commedore, Jean Knight’s son, accepts the next generation’s layer. She is not only a bearer of the admired Commedore. Emile is a guardian of the beloved passed down by his mother, Jean Knight. Jean Knight and Thomas Commedore couple together had a son, Continue reading for more information.

Jean Knight’s Wikipedia and Age

Jean Knight was an American soul singer from New Orleans, Louisiana. She was born on 26th January 1943 and died on 22nd November 2023. She was 80 years old when she died. Her professional career started in the mid-1960s.

Jean Knight was best known in 1971 for her hit singleStax Records released Knights, Mr. Big Stuff. She became popular after releasing the song. 

Personal details

Jean Knight was married twice, and she had one child. In the 1970s, Knight married Thomas Commedore. She got married to Thomas in New Orleans longshoreman Earl Harris. Please read the article to know her Net worth from various factorsincluding her musical career, interests, and growing family tree, in the further section.

Jean Knight and Thomas Commedore couple together had a son, Emile Commedore. Knight lived with her son Emile, and she died on 22nd November 2023 of natural causes.

Knight’s family stated to the public on her death. Knight’s family said beyond touring and recording studios, Jean Knight loved cooking. She always cooks delicious Creole dishes for her loved ones. She was renowned for Mardi Gras with numerous local crews and pompously served on the Louisiana Music Commission. Get more details other than Jean Knight Kids with Husband.

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Jean Knight’s Early Life

Jean Knight was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Knight’s journey into the music world began in the Crescent City’s vibrant streets. She was influenced by the rich drapery of blues, jazz, and R&B that bound her. Jean Knight’s initial years were a loving pot of musical stimulation.

Knight’s verbal skill and stage performance quickly wedged the attention of producers. Then, it set the stage for a musical career exceeding regional boundaries.

While Jean Knight’s musical contributions are certainly the keystone of her legacy, Jean Knight Kids with Husband, the music artist, has also expressed into the empire of entrepreneurship. Distinguishing the position of spreading her career, Jean Knight invested in projects and businesses that replicated her passion for her community and music. These endeavors and her perceptive financial penetration have paid her an overall net worth of $5 million.


Jean Knight, an American soul singer, died at 80 due to natural causes on 22nd November 2023. Her death puts her family, friends, and the music world into mourning. Click the link to get the former singer’s death details and more.

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