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Jennymy Reviews [Feb] Legit or a Hoax Website?

Jennymy Reviews [Feb] Legit or a Hoax Website? ->  You should read this article to make the right decisions for buying apparel. Our review post will provide you with every detail you require. 

The number of online shoppers in the United States was 200 million in 2016 and will grow to 230 million in 2021. It will position the country as one of the leading e-commerce markets in the world. Do you fall in the above list of shoppers? Are you one in favour of saving physical retailing cost?

Jennymy.com is one of the online stores on the supply side to cater to the need of 230 million people in America. Its targeted customer is female is it deals in women wear. The store is giving a discount of up to 50% on their promotional offer.

But don’tdon’t go for it straight away Jennymy Reviews have a lot to tell you about this website.

What is Jennymy.com?

Jennymy.com is a women’s wear e-commerce portal catering to the clothing need of a female. The product sold on it is jeans, tops, jumpsuits, shoes and many more items covered under the women’s section. The discount offered by the website is quite lucrative, which is up to 50%.

Discounts are in different form like buy 3 get 8%, buy 4 get 10%, and buy 5 get 12% it’s a useful tool for add on sale—their catalogue show 40 items per page which says a lot about their inventory. The website shows a lot of payment options for the customer.

As per Jennymy Reviews, we believe that a heavily discounted website may be a sign of fraud, so before making your buying decision, do read what we have for you.


  • Name of the website: jennymy.com
  • Product sold: women wear
  • Payment method: PayPal and others
  • Email: support@jennymy.comPhone no: 7-967-530-97-50
  • Shipping policy: 3-7 days
  • Refund policy: 30 day return period.
  • Age of website: 15 days
  • Alexa ranking: 10,46,467


  • The product offered on sale covers most of the categories in women’s section.
  • It is a heavily discounted website which many of the customers look for.
  • Shipping and refund policies are well in place, considering what is given by other e-commerce companies.
  • Alexa ranking speaks of moderate traffic on the website.
  • Email address is provided for any query from the customer side.


  • Heavy discount offered by the website is good, but it can also be a trap for customers.
  • The age of the domain name, which is only 15 days, can sign a dubious website.
  • No physical address on the website and less age of domain name raise suspicion about the portal.
  • Since it is new, not many customer reviews are available about jennymy.com. 

Is jennymy.com legit?

After doing a lot of online research about the site and trying to know about it from different sources like YouTube, Facebook, and another digital platform, as per the Jennymy Reviews product on offer, the age of the website, and the discount company is offering it is hard for to give the crown of legitimacy to jennymy.com.

One of the reviewers on youtube, when tried to know about the physical address, is given on Facebook, which was not available at my time of writing found it to be incorrect. 

The Facebook page is also created on the 12th of December 2020, which some days ago, so nothing with certainty can be told about the website’s legitimacy.

What are Jennymy Reviews?

Since the website is only 15 days old, not much is written about the digital platform’s website. There is a lot of legit reviews available on youtube. The site has well developed social media network with a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Facebook page is created only 10 days ago with 98 followers and 91 likes. We are not able to find a single Jennymy Reviews of the customer either satisfied or dissatisfied. As the company shows 98 followers on the Facebook page in 10 days and the absence of customer review is quite conflicting.


As the domain age of fewer than 4 months is a sign of dubious website and controversy regarding its physical address point towards scam, a lot of payment options for customers and other convenient customer services give a conflicting signal about the website.

The Alexa ranking also points to moderate traffic on the website, and no customer review was found on trust pilot.com. All the above points and seeing the age of the website, nothing much with confidence can be told about the website.

As Jennymy Reviews are not much available so we would ask the customer to keep a guard of caution and do their thorough personal research before putting their hard-earned money for product purchase on this website.

If you have any experience with the company or its product please do write about it in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Jennymy Reviews [Feb] Legit or a Hoax Website?

  1. I am returning my order today to the address on the package:
    P.O.Box 6368
    Rosemead, CA. 91770

    I’m worried about getting my money back but I’ll try. The 3 items I purchased are made of flimsy cotton, NOT linen. Very cheap material and shoddy sewing. Read crap.

  2. Jenny-me —– this place is a mess. I ordered and received a dress which in no way fits. Also awful cheap construction. When I asked for an address for return they suggested I tell them a new size and pay shipping and I could keep the other dress. When I replied I wanted a refund, my message was rejected with the following message:
    Address not found
    Your message wasn’t delivered to support@jennymy.com because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.
    I have disputed the credit card charge. Don’t know what else to do.

  3. They are the BIGGEST scam, and yes I fell for it. None of the items fit and there was NO linen. In fact one of the ‘linen’ shirts was polyester. I returned all the items to the address on the mailing bag. I suggest you photograph all and have proof of postage. I did receive a full refund but it took time. I get the feeling that the ‘brand’ is sold onto sweat shops the world over. My return mailing address was in Sydney Australia, nothing to do with addresses on their website. I started leaving comments on both Instagram and FaceBook pages until I was blocked. Funny that. be warned!!!

    1. Hello Reader! Thank you for sharing your experience. This is quite painful when we get scammed or cheated. These scammers have all these tricks and innocent people like you get scammed. You try to approach the PayPal team, hopefully, they could be of any help to you. Do let us know. Stay Safe.

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