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Jerry Dias Union Leader (March 2022) Checkout Here!

In the content, we stated Jerry Dias Union Leader issues related to breaking the Unifor’s constitution. So read this article to know better about this news.

Have you heard about Jerry Dias? Do you know who he is? Today we will talk about the union leader in this article. Jerry Dias is a trade unionist in Canada who was elected the first National President of Unifor in August 2013. 

But still, it’s not proven that he did this or not. So, now it’s not possible to tell whether he is innocent or not. So, does Jerry Dias Union Leaderreally break the Unifor’s constitution? Let’s find out the real issue.

Who is Jerry Dias?

Jerry Dias was born in Toronto. His parents were labor activists. After completing his studies, he started working at de Havilland Aircraft (now Bombardier Aerospace). Gradually, Dias became the Unifor’s President. However, Dias is under investigation because of the allegations that he had broken the constitution of Unifor.

He always raises his voice on rising labor issues, youth unemployment, absence of working spirit, salary inequality. For example, when General Motors forbade them from producing vehicles in Oshawa after working for them for many years, Dias started the “Save Oshawa GM” campaign in 2018. 

Jerry Dias Union Leader is accused of breaking the Unifor’s constitution:

Jerry Dias, Former Unifor National President, was under investigation for breaking the union’s constitution before his retirement. Treasurer Lana Payne, the secretary of Unifor, received a written complaint about Jerry Dias on 26th January. 

Dias worked as Unifor’s National President for eight and a half years. Because of some medical issues, he went on leave on 6th February. Before going on vacation, Dias informed the board of Unifor about his retirement on 11th March. Unifor didn’t mention the details or the type of complaint.

After reaching Automotive News on Monday, Jerry Dias Union Leader, totally forbade to comment on this matter. 

What other workers comment about this?

Among 315,000 workers, no one mentioned the nature of the complaint. One of them said, “To secure the honesty of the ongoing inspection and to maintain confidentiality with the Unifor Constitution, the complaint will not be disclosed at this time.”

Jerry Dias’s statement about this matter: 

Dias mentioned in a statement that the union was in good hands. “After eight and a half years of hard work, I can proudly say we have built an amazing organization. Now Unifor is a very successful union,” Jerry Dias Union Leader, said in the statement. He served a successful career, but this allegation is questioned about Jerry Dias at the end of his services. 

The board of Unifor is planning for a meeting on 21st March to talk about the following procedures for the headship of the 315,000 workers. “We know that news of this investigation is very shocking, but we want to assure that all proper steps were and are being taken as per our Constitution,” Unifor said in a statement.


In our study, we have examined all the points on the news related to Jerry Dias Union Leader and put all the valuable detail for readers. If you want to read more information, visit here- Jerry Dias Union Leader and it will help you know better.

Do you think Jerry Dias is innocent? Please share your feedback.

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