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Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva

Geneva is the third-most significant city in Switzerland after Zurich and Basel. It is situated in the southwest of the nation, close to the French border, on the beaches of Lake Geneva, and is encircled by the Jura and Alps mountain ranges. There is never a lack of tourists at any time of the year because Geneva is a sizable, active, and highly developed European city.

Walking tours of the city are a required component of every tour to Geneva. The Jet d’Eau fountain, the floral clock, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Old City Hall, and, of course, the Place des Nations, home to the UN and the International Red Cross, are the major attractions that travelers will view while on these sightseeing trips.

But it is much more enjoyable not only to look at a particular landmark but to learn more about it: the history of creation, interesting facts, or significance for the city. So here are the most important and interesting facts about probably the most famous attraction of Geneva – the Jet d’Eau fountain.

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The fountain may currently reach a height of 147 meters. Although it is technically possible to raise this number, doing so is deemed unreasonable because, in that scenario, the fish in Lake Geneva would suffer greatly and the shore would be inundated by the fountain’s splash.

The Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva used to be the biggest fountain in the entire globe, not just in Europe. But at comparison to the record-breaking King Fahd Fountain in Djerba, Saudi Arabia, which rises 312 meters, it is now noticeably inferior.

Time in the air

From the time it is released until it touches the water’s surface, a drop of water that is thrown upwards spends roughly sixteen seconds in the air. The fountain pumps release more than seven tons of water over the surface of Lake Geneva each second while it is in operation. A total of 500 liters of water are thrown up in a split second by two strong pumps moving at a speed of 200 km/h.


One of the oldest fountains in the world is the Geneva Fountain. A little downstream from where it is now, it was initially established in 1886. Only Glasgow opened a comparable fountain earlier, in 1884, while Paris opened a fountain a bit later, in 1889, than Geneva.

The Geneva landmark was not the result of romance and beauty, but rather a technical flaw. At the point where the Rhone River exits the lake near Coulouvrier, a hydraulic plant was put into operation in 1886. The factory’s main function was to draw water from the lake and provide it to the city’s water supply system for use by locals and businesses. When manufacturing ceased on the nights and weekends, the pressured water continued to spin the mills and machinery, therefore a system was required to allow the water to be discharged back into the lake. It was a process fountain that stood about 30 meters tall.

Water color

An air atomizer works to saturate the water with tiny bubbles that give the water its white hue while the fountain is operating and the pumps are hurling water skyward. Without this technique, the water in the fountain would constantly be a lake hue and would appear swampy on overcast days. You agree, it’s not nice, is it?

Also, with a combined 9,000 watts of electricity, twelve spotlights are used to illuminate the Geneva fountain. But natural lighting from the sun’s beams gives the fountain its brightest illumination. At this very moment, Lake Geneva appears to be displaying a rainbow flag.

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