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Jinne-Ann Reviews [June] First Know its Legitimacy!

Jinne-Ann Reviews [June] First Know its Legitimacy! -> Here you will know about a site that sells home gardens and gift accessories at an extremely reasonable price.

Do you want a collection of each product at the same online store? Are you looking forward to the products at reasonable prices and want them online? Move ahead to jinne-ann.myshopify.com.

From shower head to the Wagon decorative indoor/ outdoor garden to the floating water Hammock, The online store has everything for buyers of all age groups.

Jinne-Ann Reviews will help the audience to understand that whether the online site is genuine or not.

With the wide variety of the products available on this online store, it has been talking of the town in the United States.

So are you tempted with the online site? Shopping by merely a tap of the button can be effortless. But you need to hold on for a while! Due to the increasing fraudulency, the customers need to be highly alert. Looking at the specifications, properties, pros, and cons, one can get to know about the online store.

Therefore we will let you know about the online store through our blog and find out whether Jinne Ann is a legit site. So let’s proceed further.

What is jinne-ann.myshopify.com?

The online store has all the custom products and that too at cost-effective prices. It has the custom collection of every profession, or a hobby, related to sports, etc.

Their uniqueness lies in the delivery of the product within short notice. The return policy is unique as no restocking fee is required by the consumers for the return of the product. 

If you wish to buy a birthday product, you are on set! Beautiful Luxury Rose Teddy Bear is the most refreshing gift available here. It also consists of the Rectangular Automatic Watering Planter Modern Auto irrigate flower. 

So this store is the collection of every sector. The diversity of the products makes the online store extremely tempting among different age groups.

With the tempting display, pictures of various websites can be highly exciting for the viewers, and the same goes for this online site.

 Though it is recently created, the product has an excellent display and extremely reasonable prices, which can attract a lot of viewers at one glance.

However, without going through the specifications, pros and cons, and the Jinne Ann Reviews, it is hard to say whether the site can be good enough for shopping.

Let us proceed with the main characteristics of this online store and figure out more about it. With the in-depth detail, you will be able to come with a conclusion about this online website.

Specifications of jinne-ann.myshopify.com

  • Products: Shower Head, Wagon Decorative, Floating Water Hammock, etc
  • Email id:johnrichardson5233@gmail.com
  • Contact Number: 0635-12586324
  • Shipping Policy: 15-25 days
  • Return Policy: Within 14 days
  • Mode of Payment: Online Mode of Payment

Advantages of jinne-ann.myshopify.com

  • The products are diverse, and you can find all the products at this one-stop online store.
  • The shipping policy is transparent.
  • The return policy is feasible.
  • The costs of the products are reasonable.

Disadvantages of jinne-ann.myshopify.com

  • The payment method is online, which might not be feasible for everyone.
  • The website is a recent address, which is a bad sign.
  • It has no mail server and has no return address mentioned.
  • It is less popular and is a highly risky website.

Customer Reviews

As it is stated above, Jinne Ann is just recently created. Thus it has extremely negligible reviews. Unfortunately, Jinne Ann Reviews are not viewed anywhere. The domain created is too new, and therefore this makes the site extremely risky.

We tried to find customer reviews on different search engines, but there are minimal customer reviews for the products available on the online store. 

There are no previous experiences shared, which indicated that no one has ever bought from here. With the increasing fraudulency, it becomes risky to believe such a site that has no reviews.

Final verdict

Jinne-Ann Reviews say the online web store has a massive product collection, which is also cheap. This indicates that significant locations of delivery are present in the United States. But, due to the lack of popularity, it can be considered an unsafe website. 

Due to the increasing fraudulency, the customers need to be extremely smart and conscious, and these reviews help. 

Therefore it is a fraudulent store that commits to sell products but has no guarantee of receiving any product after investing money in this online store. Thus investing money on this website is not recommendable at all as it seems a scam.

0 thoughts on “Jinne-Ann Reviews [June] First Know its Legitimacy!

  1. My name is david Longo I bought a bike from jinne ann I payed 67.00 dollars it said they would notify me they where going send in 3 days they said they would notify me by email never heard a thing. Tried calling them but the number they got has to many numbers cant get a hold of them I dont know what to do.


      1. kindly jump the website and know more about refund if you didn’t receive it back.. thank you…

  3. I also purchased bike from them on 6/23. So far I have not heard anything about shipping and I also sent email which was unanswered. I am filing a dispute

    1. We want to suggest you kindly go for customer care number to resolve your query as soon as possible… thank you…

      1. I also bought a bike on 6/24 and haven’t heard anything. I have tried to contact the email provided and NO response.
        I will be reporting this website to Homeland Security for fraud and work with PayPal to get my money back.
        Good luck everyone!

  4. Same experience as above. Ordered bike. Never shipped. No responses to email inquiries. Have requested refund. No response.

    1. We are sorry for misleading ….we can assist you to advised to visit the official website or helpline number if have any issue… thank you…

  5. I ordered a ride a mal horse for my daughter in June i was never notified that it was shipped when wrote numerous emails and no response when I filed on PayPal stating the site was fraudulent then all of a sudden i got a response saying the package was deliver to a Parcel Locker. HOW IN THE WORLD IS A LARGE HORSE THAT A 4YR OLD CAN RIDE GOING TO FIT IN A PARCEL LOCKER. Went to the USPS to find out what is going on and they told me it was delivered again how is that possible This site is fraudelent DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS SITE! I WILL FIGHT TO GET MY MONEY BACK!

  6. I ordered a hose reel for $92 on June 19 and got a bogus tracking number for some other address in my town, confirmed by USPS to be a small package less than 1 pound. It’s been almost a month and nothing. They don’t respond to emails. This must be a scammer.

  7. Same deal, totally bogus, their website doesn’t even come up anymore, they pulled the plug & ran!…Bought a Kayak and they quickly provided PayPal a phony tracking #, a 5oz. ackage, same town different address, that easy to convince PayPal it was legit!…Total scam, I should have done more due-diligence!

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