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Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews {March 2022} Read Updates!

Tap on this article to know very relevant news about the inappropriate behaviour of the JMV Hyundai Sohna dealership by reading our Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews

Nowadays, we all love to buy cars from dealerships; it also helps us get expensive cars at a discounted price.

So, did you hear what happened on Hyundai Sohna? Want to know the reason behind this Hyundai incident? While you have heard this incident now, do you want a brief description of this topic?

While searching for this report, you have found this article, right? This article will help you by providing every data step by step. 

So, people of India are now wondering about the real incident behind Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews. So, go through this article and know everything about it.

Table of Contents

 Hyundai Sohna Reviews!

Sohna is a city in Gurgaon. Recently, an incident occurred at a Hyundai dealership; Creta owner Mr Ajit Singh has been beaten and harassed inside this dealership. Some people have made a video that gets viral on social media platforms.

Now, you all need to know a few factors about this dealership and what customers are saying after purchasing a car from this store and also know a few incidents about this store.

Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews

Few customers have already faced problem of this dealer ship like Sohna Hyundai showroom is large and have varities of cars, but the professionalism was missing.  They also sale faulty cars. Service quality of this dealership is poor.

Apart from this a major incident took place, in this dealership, know more about it. According to our research, we have found that ten to fifteen people were involved in this incident and tried to snatch the phone of Mr Ajit by thrashing him.

A police case has been filed against the dealership, and Hyundai India is also a Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews.

This case has been shifted to the court, and police have provided CCTV footage and demanded justice for the Hyundai Creta owner.

Why is this topic trending?

This topic has become trending due to the viral video shared by the Creta owner’s friend and making it viral on social media platforms. After watching this video, people get angry and search for more about it.

Why did the Hyundai owner face this brutality?

Dealers help him solve the issue and tell the owner to remove the video from social media. But he didn’t agree, and this is the main reason that Hyundai dealerships started their brutality and forced him to give good JMV Hyundai Sohna Reviews. But he dined to give him that is why they started to beat him; later police rescued him. 

Important Note: Whatever information we are sharing with you has been taken after researching the web.

Final Verdict:

According to our research, we found that Creta owner Mr, Ajit bought a new car and from the beginning, it showed various problems. While he reported to the dealership and created a video about the unprofessionalism of Hyundai workers, then 10 to 15 people surrounded him and thrashed him.

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