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John Mcafee Website Countdown (July 2020) Get Details!

John Mcafee Website Countdown (July 2020) Get Details! >> This queer website’s sudden appearance and exit from the internet? Let us know what you think and read to learn more.

Former Antivirus tycoon John Mcafee’s recent suicide has sparked a lot of exciting stories in the last few days in the United States. Reportedly, a website appeared on the net following for a short while, and then it was taken off. The website was named britbonglopost.com and showed a mysterious countdown on the homepage stating to reveal something big. Know more about John Mcafee Website Countdown.

Who was John Mcafee?

John David Mcafee was a US-based computer programmer, a business tycoon, and also two-time stood for presidential elections. It appeared soon after his death and raised many speculations and rumours. On 23rd June this year, he was found hanging dead in Spain, and the cause of his mysterious suicide is still unknown. People associated with him aren’t ready to believe that he was suicidal and suspect murder.

What all happened?

Mcafee was undergoing losses in his business, and this is one of the primary reasons why people believe he might have committed suicide. However, John Mcafee Website Countdown and other exciting theories point to a different story altogether. Some people have pointed to a non-living person’s switch theory. Also, reports are suggesting Mcafee’s relation to mining of a bitcoin. Officials reports revealed that it was point of self harm, including the valuation increase of the cryptocurrency. This Ethereum-based coin was trading less than a penny, but its prices skyrocketed 733 per cent. It was dubbed in a Spanish haunted hotel. It is trending in search results in last few weeks.

Why people are talking about this website: John Mcafee Website Countdown

 At the same time, a new countdown surfaced on the internet on britbonglopost.com, highlighting a ‘contingency plan’ with the timer. Before the site vanished, people managed to archive it, and it is going viral all over the internet. The countdown has been set for 28 days, and the text changed to something else made people scared. This mysterious turning of events has not been able to lift the curtains from the actual secret. Click here to know more details on John Mcafee 

Below this text message, John Mcafee Website Countdown timer reads an etherscan address to whack’s contract with Mcafee, which was announced by him in 2019. This ERC2O coin got launched by John for trading whacked among 30,587 holders. John David Mcafee’s sudden death has only invoked former conspiracies to which he was related, such as Mcafee pulled a switch known as dead man’s button to get out of the public light. Check here for more details.

Final Verdict:

John Mcafee had earlier raised questions on corruption in the government and had given threats to reveal essential data on this. He even suspected himself of getting killed by these influential people. Moreover, John Mcafee Website Countdown has added to the confusion. Therefore, anyone who is trading in the whacked token should stay very cautious and double-check all the details.

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