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Joshvsjoshvsjosh com {April} Know Everything About It!

Joshvsjoshvsjosh com {April} Know Everything About It!>> Read the below article to know about an online battle between people with the same name.

Are you surfing the internet to know about Joshvsjoshvsjosh com? Want to know how this site is gaining popularity Worldwide? Then this article is your answer. This site has gained so much popularity that a lot of meme pages are posting memes about it. People who are there on social media platforms have seen a lot of memes about this website. 

Almost everyone is talking about this new trend in the internet world. If you love to see memes and have got yourself involved in the meme world, you might have seen various memes about this site. Keep on reading the article and see what this new trend is all about.

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What Is Joshvsjoshvsjosh com?

This site was made by a person named Josh Swain. He made a group on Pinterest where he welcomed people with the same name – Josh. Afterwards, he decided to convert this group into a website that will announce a fight. 

The idea behind this fight was to set a battle between various people named Josh. In this game, people will fight the battle and the person who wins can keep the name. The fight is going to be between the people with a similar name only. Josh declared that the fight is going to be on 24th April 2021.

Joshvsjoshvsjosh com has been gaining popularity Worldwide after announcing this battle. The site is showing the count down to the actual game. All the people with the name Josh are going to lose the need to change their names and only the winner can keep the name.

More About The Site

This site was made on 3rd February 2021. The trust index is quite low because it is a recent website. There is nothing to be worried about the legitimacy of the site. The uses a secure HTTPS connection. After knowing about the Joshvsjoshvsjosh com fight, a lot of meme pages started to troll the website. 

The image format of the count down and the website posts are going viral. Everywhere on the meme page, you can see a people writing – Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! How’s the Josh?! The battle is going to be held within few days.

People’s Reactions

People are reacting funnily after knowing about this name battle. Everyone is finding it a good source of entertainment as they have never heard about a game where people with similar name have to fight to keep their name to themselves. A lot of people are making funny comments about booking a front seat in the fight.

Final Verdict

After we research the topic – Joshvsjoshvsjosh com, we can see that the site was made by a person named Josh Swain. He made this page over Pinterest to welcome all the people with the same name. But after some days he made a website to announce a battle between the people whose name is Josh. 

The game says that if any person wins, he can keep the name and the losers need to change their names. Aloy of people is joining the group and wait for g to see the battle. What are your views on the site and the battle? The comments section is always open for your valuable feedback.

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