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{Watch Video} Juliano Floss Video Twitter: Know More Of de Traindo Vivi, Com Outra Twitter!

Let us unleash the shared Juliano Floss Video Twitter Com Outra and find out the breakup action taken after the influencer was caught de Traindo Vivi. 

What made cyberspace users discuss Juliano? Many spectators from social media networks in Brazil and other places initiated debates, arguments, and discussions after Juliano’s video was posted on Twitter.

The spread of content has made viewers considerably talk about him and consider his video unreasonable. Cameras captured the TikTok star while he was publicly making inappropriate acts. Let us look over this post and discover what people noticed in Juliano Floss Video Twitter.

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Juliano Floss Video Twitter:

The Brazilian TikTok star’s video shocked the public network’s viewers after they witnessed his inappropriate actions in a video content on December 29, 2023. The conversations increased due to the inappropriate movements he showed in Sau Paulo, a public place.

The unidentified female was also seen throwing her shades at Juliano. It took fractions of seconds for spectators to capture his movements and spread Juliano Floss Video Twitter through publicly viewed social networking sites. The controversial situation was due to publicly performing inappropriate acts.

Video de Juliano Floss Traindo Vivi:

The recent video of Juliana in an alleged activity resulted in his breakup with Vivi Wanderly after the content exposed Juliano’s public action with another female. The influencers Juliano Floss and Vivi Wanderly (with more than thirty million fan followers) were in a relationship for two years.

Their relationship recently ended after Juliano was caught cheating (Traindo) with Vivi since Juliano’s actions were in front of his friends at a party where he was involved with another female in unethical movements.

The intimate moments photographed in Video de Juliano Floss Traindo Vivi, still available on Twitter, ended their relationship. 

Did Vivi announce her breakup with Juliano?

Vivi Wanderly recently announced her breakup with Juliano Floss through Instagram. It is evident from her statement that their breakup was with mutual agreement. Vivi’s post read that she and Ju (Juliano Floss) are not united, and she cannot sustain this relationship, only with feelings.

Many people accused Juliano of cheating on Vivi since his actions were exposed through a recently revealed Juliano Floss Video Twitter. Jade Picon, The influencer’s friend, caught Juliano with another female in compromised acts at a party.

Did Vivi announce her breakup with Juliano

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What made Vivi upset?

Vivi shared her feelings about cheating on Juliano through Twitter, mentioning that the singer had cheated while she spent her life’s two years with him. She just wanted emotional responsibility, yet it was not given.

The singer’s mother, Daniele Aguiar, was also shattered due to Juliano’s actions and shared her disappointment through social media. Some users believed it was a marketing stunt, yet Vivi denied it.

Did he respond after Juliano Floss Com Outra Twitter?

Juliano did not respond officially about the leaked video incident that surfaced through Twitter. People wonder if the influencer will publicly respond to the queries his fans ask about the inappropriate activities.

About Juliano Floss:

  • Real name- Juliano Floss
  • Birthday- June 11, 2004
  • Age- 19 years
  • Zodiac sign- Gemini
  • Birthplace- Brazil
  • Location- Santa Catarina, Chapeco
  • Profession- Brazilian social media influencer, TikToker, singer
  • TikTok followers- More than 13 million
  • Recent controversy- Juliano Floss Com Outra Twitter

About Juliano Floss

Social media links:

We cannot share the links for illicit actions performed.


Juliano Floss was captured after his improper actions were disclosed through a video posted on Twitter. Social media users greatly opposed his compromised actions at a public place after Juliano Floss Video Twitter was spread.

Did you watch Juliano’s unethical activity? Share if you dislike such actions.

Disclaimer- We do not expose unethical behavior and actions or promote them; instead, we alert people about celebrities’ and individuals’ actions.

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