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Jurassic World Alive Dodo {April} Get Information Here!

Jurassic World Alive Dodo {April} Get Information Here!>> Are you searching for new adventurous games? We have a highly recommended game that is detailed in this article. Kindly read it.

Have you ever played the Jurassic World Alive game? Do you know the game developers have finally launched the Jurassic World Alive Dodo feature? If you know the answers to the asked questions, please share them with us! The game developers of the Jurassic World game have already won the worldwide gamers’ hearts. Most people directly download the game from Google Play Store for free. 

Recently, the game developers have released a statement about a new feature. It will be available to only the United States gamers. The new dodo feature will change your gameplay to another extent. Are you ready to know more about the new feature? Kindly continue perusing our post to stay on board!

Table of Contents

What is the game- Jurassic World Alive?

Jurassic World Alive Dodo – Yes, the new feature is coming live soon. However, you must know what the Jurassic World Alive game entails for you. It is an online adventure game that is available to android users. You have to complete the missions and assigned tasks to revive the dinosaurs to survive in the human world. 

Furthermore, you can play the game in multiplayer mode with your family or friends. It will provide you with new reward points to use in the game. 

Know the gameplay:

As mentioned earlier, you have to revive the dinosaurs and collect reward points. The same will be applied to the Jurassic World Alive Dodo feature. Once you have collected the needed number of dinosaurs, you can use their DNA to hybrid them. In this manner, you can create different hybrid dinosaurs to make your gameplay exciting and more adventurous. 

The United States gamers already have numerous hybrid dinosaurs that keep them on top in the global leaderboard. You also have to win the battles to beat your opponents and procure more dinosaurs. In short, you can play the game, win rewards, revive dinosaurs, hybrid DNA, and challenge your opponents. 

Features of the Jurassic World Alive Dodo:

  • The game tracks your GPS location. You can find many dinosaurs in your locality. 
  • While visiting different places, you can collect rare and well-built dinosaurs. 
  • Collect the dinosaurs, use their DNA, and hybrid them.
  • Challenge and defend opponents or teams in PCP arenas.
  • Collect rewards points to purchase items from the in-game store.  
  • The dodo character releases a scent to trap the predators.
  • You can explore the game map.
  • Use sharp teeth of the dodo character to kill the opponents.
  • Win the game events or battles with the dodo theme.

Our Final Thoughts:

The Jurassic World Alive Dodo character is not released yet. However, the speculations suggest that the character only has a scent and not any special powers. It is troubling the gamers since they want more than scent power in the new dodo characters. Do you agree with such gamers? Please write your suggestions or expectation in the comments!

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